Hijab Row: Cops Hit Muslim Women Over Protest In UP. Lawyer Asks Court, “What About Ghoongat, Turban, Cross?”

The hijab row which started from one college in Karnataka not allowing students with burqas has become a controversial topic of the whole nation. Recently, a shocking video surfaced online in which a few cops can be seen hitting Muslim women with sticks as they were protesting against the hijab ban. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad and an FIR has been filed on the protestors by the police.

On Sunday, the police came to know that around 15 Muslim women had gathered in Ghaziabad’s Sani Bazaar Road without taking permission. They were also carrying anti-government posters with them and they shouted slogans when the police team reached the place, according to the FIR. It also mentioned that women police officers were heckled when trying to convince Muslim women to return home. According to the reports, some men who were with the protesters also started abusing and threatening the cops and one of the accused have been identified as Raees. “The incident happened on Sunday. While our team was patrolling, they came to know about the protest by 10-15 women. The protesters were dispersed,” a police officer at Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram said. The video that went viral shows constables using force to disperse the protesters.

Take a look at the video here:

After seeing the video, many people started criticising the cops for hitting Muslim women. Currently, the matter is under investigation.

On the other hand, the fourth hearing of the hijab ban case was held on Wednesday in the Karnataka High Court. During the hearing, advocate Ravi Varma Kumar questioned the judges on behalf of the petitioners. He asked why the hijab was being singled out when there are so many religious symbols including ghoongat, crosses, and turban in our nation.

He mentioned that he is showing the vast diversity of religious symbols in all sections of society. He also asked why the government picked on hijab alone and made such hostile discrimination and highlighted that girls wearing bangle, bindi or a person wearing cross are not touched or sent out of the classroom. He pointed out that such discrimination is a violation of Article 15 of the constitution. “No other religious symbol is considered… Why only hijab? Is it not because of their religion? Discrimination against Muslim girls is purely on the basis of religion and hence a hostile discrimination,” Kumar argued.

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Earlier, the High Court had directed that no religious garments will be worn inside the college campus till the matter is pending in the court. 

Hijab Row Petitioners Request Permission To Wear Headscarves Of Same Colour As Uniform

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