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Kangana Ranaut Revealed She Didn’t Make Enough Money To Pay Her Taxes. Is This A Subtle Boycott By The Industry?

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It’s been a while since Kangana Ranaut was removed from Twitter. Nobody had become so comfortable on Twitter like she did; she’d spit out her opinions, many unsolicited, like she’s at home. It’s heartening to see that now she is getting comfortable on Instagram as well. Recently, she took to her stories, to share how she didn’t have enough money to pay half of last year’s tax.

Always known for her straight-forward, unhinged tongue, Kangana Ranaut opened up unhesitatingly about not having enough work. She wrote, “Even though I come under highest tax slab pay almost 45 percent of my income as tax, even though I am the highest tax paying actress but because of no work haven’t paid half of my last year’s tax yet, first time in my life I am late in paying tax but the government is charging me interest on that pending tax money.” She added, “Still I welcome this move, time could be tough for us individually but together we are tougher than the time.”


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It does take courage to speak about your financial struggles publicly or talk about not getting enough work. But courage has never been a scarcity in Kangana Ranaut. A lot people want to fake a lifestyle, look richer than they are by investing in things they can’t actually afford. A lot of people are embarrassed to say, ‘No, I can’t afford that.’ But here she is, a celebrity opening up about not having enough money to pay taxes.

However, recently, several brands cancelled their association with Kangana and several designers refused to work with her again. She has been in the news for all the wrong words that haven’t been very good for her career.

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Having said that, there are so many people who are so badly affected they can’t even afford all-meals every day. So even in scarcity, we should count our blessings because as a matter of fact, we are all privileged. And Kangana, more than us, obviously.

Meanwhile, she is being herself on Instagram, going around calling Vikrant Massey a cockroach and schooling Ayushmann Khurrana on simplicity and realness and how they are not necessarily the same. Kangana Ranaut is starting her wars as well as being vocal about her opinions and situations on Instagram. You may as well mistake it for Twitter now!

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