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Kangana Ranaut Says She Was Called A Gold Digger For Going After Money. Why Do We Discredit Women’s Work Like This?

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Whether you love her or hate her, or simply don’t care much for what she does beyond the screen, it is a fact that Kangana Ranaut is one of the most talented actors in the industry today. She’s made her way to the top after consistently delivering incredible performances and sheer will power. Today, she has made a place for herself in Bollywood. Even if you’re not familiar with her roles, you probably know her for her bold statements – some of which have turned into controversies. Kangana has never shied away from speaking her mind, especially when it comes to injustice within Bollywood.

Recently, she spoke about materialism. Kangana said,  “To be honest, I never thought I’d come this far. I never had these as my primary ambitions. I didn’t have material ambitions. But it started off when I saw that women are hugely judged for not going after material ambitions. Men are running this race. The women feel vulnerable at that point. Being a woman, I don’t think about money.”

We’re not sure what she meant by that. We as women, do think of money. Money, despite being told otherwise, does make the world go round and as independent women, we enjoy buying ourselves a good meal and paying for our own drinks. Or buying ourselves a bunch of things. So, yes, money is on our mind. And being a woman has nothing to do with it.

Kangana also described the heavy judgements she gets from people. “But am I looked like that from an outer perspective? That I’m a gold digger from a small town? This is something that has been so obnoxiously told to me which changed the course of my life forever. Then, it became about material things. Then, I thought that maybe, I will have a fair chance in society if I have that.” She’s also revealed her new goal, which is to become one of the richest people in India by the time she turns 50.

Kangana makes an important point. It is frustrating that even at a time when women are achieving so much, they are painted as gold diggers for chasing the very same materialistic things that ‘ambitious’ and ‘hard working’ men do. The societal expectation of the demure, caring, and maternal woman needs to be shattered. It is harmful to shame our girls into not going after the things that they want, whether materialistic or not. Moreover, we need to start giving women credit where it’s due. The harsh judgement that ambitious women face is nothing more than attempt to belittle their achievements.

We admire Kangana’s courage for speaking out about this, despite all the hate that she gets. This needed to be said for a long time.

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