Iranian Women Are Protesting The Arrest Of This Instagrammer By Dancing!


There are certain things you can’t do as a woman in Iran. Like walk around without a headscarf, even if you are just a young girl. Or drink alcohol. Or show a gesture of affection. Sounds rather restrictive. That’s till you hear about this young woman who got arrested for dancing on her social media channel. It’s not entirely confirmed if the authorities were offended by her dancing, feeling inadequate because they have two left feet, or because she’s dancing within the confines of her home without a headscarf.

Maedeh Hojabri has garnered attention and lots of followers for her dancing videos on Instagram and other social media channels. Recently, she was arrested for this. Her account with 60,000 followers has also been suspended.

Maedeh has since appeared on a state television programme with other detainees, in which she and others made what activists say were forced confessions, a tactic often used by Iranian authorities.

Since then, Iranian women across the country have been putting up videos of themselves dancing, protesting her arrest. A blogger, Hossein Ronaghi commented, “If you tell people anywhere in the world that 17 and 18-year-old girls are arrested for their dance, happiness and beauty on charges of spreading indecency, while child rapists and others are free, they will laugh! Because for them, it’s unbelievable!”

We love the support the Iranian women are ratcheting up for Maedeh. And we love it more that they are doing it in this unique style.

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