Indore Woman Dances At Traffic Signal For Instagram Video, Gets Served Legal Notice. All This To Go Viral?

A few months ago, I was passing by this flyover bridge, which was shut down for repairs at night. But instead of the workmen doing their thing, I spotted a bunch of college kids sitting on the divider, chilling and making videos. I didn’t stay long but I am pretty sure they were recreating those famous reels and TikTok videos we’ve seen countless times on social media. It’s quite the rage with young people who can be found in parks, compounds, roadside nooks and all their usual hangout places making videos with the hopes that they go viral. But how do you justify pulling these stunts on the middle of the road, at a traffic signal nonetheless? Looks like this woman from Indore might just have to, otherwise she faces consequences.

According to reports, a woman named Shreya Kalraa from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is in trouble with the law enforcement for a stunt she pulled in the middle of the road, while the intersection was running full busy. And she did it all for an Instagram video apparently. Sigh.

Kalra shot the video at Rasoma Square in Indore, where she walks across the road on the zebra crossing as the traffic signal turns red, before the cars that have halted at the signal. Clad in black, the woman then dances to ‘Woman’ by Doja Cat, as everyone around her looks on. In the first part of the clip, she was also seen in a public park without a mask.



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Once the video was shared on the woman’s Instagram about four days ago, it went viral. And now, thanks to the virality, they’re out for her head. The cops have now sent her a legal notice for violating traffic rules.

That’s not all though. The video has actually reached the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Narottam Mishra, who has said “Whatever her intentions were, it was wrong. I will issue an order to take action against her under Motor Vehicles Acts, to stop such incidents in the future.”

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Perhaps in the aftermath of going viral for all the wrong reasons, Kalra has now updated her video caption to advising people to stop when the signal turns red, and wear a mask.

Pfft! I want to put it out there in the universe for anyone who is reading, middle of the road stunts are not funny (should I have used the Hrithik Roshan meme from ZNMD?) Remember when the cast of Cinderella, including Camila Cabello and James Corden, tried to pull a flash mob in the middle of an active road? We don’t care if you are Hollywood celebrities even. Stunts on the road are not welcome because even if you think they’re fun, they’re actually increasing traffic, making people late for work, and just causing overall nuisance.

As per the video, the woman clearly pulled this stunt for some random social media ‘dare’. Really? Is this what it has come to? People need to stop disrupting other people’s lives and violating rules for the heck of likes and shares.

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