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In Tamil Nadu, A Woman Dressed Up As A Goddess To Spread Awareness About The Coronavirus. Because Only That Makes People Do The Right Thing

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We are some 100+ days into the lockdown and I am entirely unsure about what month or day of the week it is. I know the year though. It’s 2020. I don’t want to revisit this year, ever again. But I am saying this because, at this point, we’ve resigned to the fact that we don’t know when anything will go back to something that looks like normal. Even if you were to use the term ‘normal’ very loosely and very broadly, we are still uncertain about what it would entail. However, you know what really bothers me sometimes? The fact that even after suffering through months of lockdown and surging panic over the coronavirus, people still don’t seem to understand that to go back to normal, we need to take precautions now. And those precautions include wearing a mask. 

Yes, they are suffocating and uncomfortable. But do you know what’s more uncomfortable? The coronavirus playing field hockey in your body. Okay, sorry that was not a very good one. Here’s the thing though I don’t know if you’ve noticed Indians are very stubborn except for when it comes to one thing- God. Instilling the fear of God is a full-proof way of getting people to follow all the protocols and do the right thing. 

Which is why we weren’t surprised when a woman in Tamil Nadu was seen dressed up as Goddess Mariamman. She was distributing masks on the street as a way to spread awareness amongst the ever careless people. 

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Playing the God angle is actually a pretty ingenious way of getting people to wear a mask. Especially since health officials say that 30% of the people living in rural coronavirus hotspots don’t follow guidelines. Whoever that woman is, she really knows her audience. You see, people in Tamil Nadu particularly, pray to Goddess Mariamman for good health and immunity.  

This is not an isolated incident either. Ever since the lockdown was announced in March,  policemen and social workers have been dressing up like various Gods and asking people to stay at home and take precautionary measures. Actually, one of the most common sightings has been of Yamraj, the God of death, asking people to stay indoors. 

In the last 24 hours alone, Tamil Nadu has reported 3,756 positive cases and 64 deaths were  So far there are 1,22,350 cases in the state making it the second-worst hit state. 

When will this nightmare end? Only God knows. 

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