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In Haryana, 5 Boys Drugged And Raped A 17-Year-Old Girl. She Was Rescued By Her Family

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Here’s the thing, being a girl in India is not easy. After decades of oppression and no awareness about women’s rights, we’re vulnerable and an easy target for predators. Yes, things are evolving, but even then, seemingly everyday women around the country are being raped and abused. The worst part is that despite the alarming rate at which cases of violence against women are increasing, no one is paying attention to the problem. We need stricter laws and more effective initiatives. Moreover, men need to be taught how to keep it in their pants and not rape girls. But we have more of a chance of sprouting wings and flying than that happening. So, all we can do is spread awareness. Recently, in Haryana, 5 boys drugged and raped a 17-year-old girl. It’s disgusting.

The incident occurred on Thursday in Haryana’s Kurukshetra district. Three of the five have been arrested. According to the police, the victim had visited her friend’s house where she was drugged. She started complaining of dizziness and the friend’s cousin, who is one of the accused, offered to take her home. Instead, he took her to Umri Chowk in Kurukshetra where the other four accused, including a minor, were waiting. It’s alarming that the rapists are getting younger!

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The girl was rescued by her family members who were out looking for her. They got worried when she didn’t come home until late and contacted her coaching centres that informed them that the victim didn’t attend her classes that day. When they couldn’t locate her, the family decided to go to the police station.

On their way, they saw two boys on a motorcycle with a girl sitting between them. They also saw that the boy sitting behind the girl was holding a pistol to her head. The girl’s family recognized her by her uniform and intercepted the motorcycle. They managed to rescue her by overpowering one of the accused. Reports say that even during this kerfuffle, the girl was in a drugged state.

This is a terrifying incident. Thankfully, the girl was rescued by her family but it’s clear that we can’t blindly trust anyone. Authorities need to take rape cases more seriously. Until then, girls aren’t safe anywhere.

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