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In Another Shocking Incident, Taliban Executes Young Woman For Wearing Tight Clothes

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Since the time the foreign troops in Afghanistan have started withdrawing, the Taliban rule is getting stronger with every passing day. The Taliban offenses have turned the entire country into a war-torn region. And the worst of the Taliban offenses are subjugated towards women of Afghanistan. From getting a list of young girls and divorced women to getting married to their soldiers to shooting a woman dead for not wearing a veil – the brutalities stop at nothing. Take the latest incident where a young woman was executed by the Taliban for wearing tight clothes. 

Recently, a young woman, Nazanin, was attacked and shot to death by the Taliban in the village of Samar Qandian. The village is taken over by the militant group and extremists.

According to the reports, the 21-year-old woman, Nazanin, had left her house and was about to board a vehicle to Balkh’s capital Mazar-e Sharif, when she was attacked by the Taliban. The woman was wearing a burqa, a veil that covered her face and body when she was attacked. The reason for the attack was because she was wearing tight-fitting clothes and there was no male representative along with her.

When the spokesperson was questioned regarding the incident, he openly denied the attack. And this is not the only attack he has denied, there are many such attacks on women and young girls that they have denied.

It really infuriates me to know that the Taliban consider it okay to suppress women and take ownership of them in every aspect of their lives. The conditions in Afghanistan are getting worse day by day. And if steps are not taken in order to curb the Taliban rule, the young girls and women will be brutally killed like this every day and the count will continuously keep increasing. 

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