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If You’re Wondering Why #JusticeForKajal Is Trending, It’s Because A 19-Year-Old Girl Was Gangraped And Hung From A Tree. This Is Ghastly

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Wasn’t it only last month that whole country was grief-stricken after what happened with Priyanka Reddy? If I remember correctly, wasn’t it just then that there were like a hundred different dialogues on why this rape culture that’s pervading our country like a stink needs to stop? But of course, the laws are the same, justice is still to be served and so the crimes continue, unabated.

We were just celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to execute Nirbhaya’s rapists. Who knew that one minuscule victory was so short-lived? To add to the already building fear in all the women pan-India, yet another gangrape and murder case has just come to light. That of Kajal Rathod, a 19-year-old Dalit girl hailing from Gujarat’s Modasa village in the Aravalli district. Her body was found on 5th January hanging from a Banyan tree on the outskirts of Saira Village.

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Here is the entire timeline:


December 31st– Kajal went for a shopping trip with her sister and did not return.

January 1st – January 3rd – Her panicked family members began looking for her. Her sister, who had accompanied Kajal on the shopping trip, told the family that she had been abducted by Bimal Bharwad in his car. The family checked the CCTV footage of the particular location Kajal was last seen. The footage clearly showed the victim in a car along with Bimal. Kajal’s grand-uncle then went to the police station to file a missing person’s FIR claiming that she had been kidnapped, raped and murdered. However, the police did not acknowledge him. By different accounts and the details are a little blurry on this one, it is being reported that the police and Bimal told the family that Kajal had eloped and married a man from her community and that she was safe. Both later denied saying this to the family.

January 5th– A local priest contacted Kajal’s grand-uncle to come and identify a body which they had found hanging on a banyan tree on the outskirts of the village. That body was identified to be Kajal. Reports claim that she had been raped, murdered and then hung up to stage a suicide. The family goes back to the police to lodge an FIR against Bimal and his three friends, Darshan Bharwad, Satish Bharwad and Jigar for gang rape and murder. The girl’s family refused to accept the body until the suspects are arrested and police inspector NK Rabari was suspended for not filing an FIR.

January 7th– The FIR was lodged against all four accused following heavy protests from the Dalit community in the village. Dalit activists have been fighting for a fair investigation into the case. Following these protests, the body was sent to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for a panel post-mortem.

Though we have no details on what really happened with Kajal, this entire situation is terrifying. The number of rapes that are taking place in the country is increasing day by day and we need some immediate and effective action to be taken here. All we are really doing is talking and keeping the conversation going. And while that is enough to spread awareness, we need some real changes to be implemented by the authorities.

Another thing we noticed is the complete disregard of this case by the mainstream media. It has been going on for a whole week and only a handful of publications have covered it, why? A 19-year-old girl was found raped and hung by a tree, why is it being ignored? The beyond angry Twitterati has been blaming casteism for the blatant ignorance. Could her being a Dalit be the reason? This case has triggered protests in Gujarat, rightfully so.

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#JusticeforKajal has been trending on Twitter all day now. Check out some of the things that netizens are saying:

In 2018, a survey showed that India is the most unsafe country for women. And I don’t know if you realize, but the rape culture has now gone from bad to worse. We can’t go on letting our women live and breathe in fear. Something needs to be done by authorities!

Justice For Kajal.

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