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Angry Over Her Husband’s ‘Affair,’ Hyderabad Woman Hires Four Men To Rape The Woman

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In a horrifying incident of revenge, a woman chose the worst possible way to deal with her partner’s extra-marital affair. The incident took place in Hyderabad’s, Kondapur locality, where a woman named Gayatri hired four men to rape the woman with who her partner had an affair. The case of the details are shocking and just raise one question- Why? Why did the woman plan this shameful act? Just because she was furious at her partner?


According to the news reports, the police informed that Gayatri and her partner lived in the same colony as the victim, in the Kondapur locality. The police further mentioned that the victim and Gayatri’s partner became friends during their preparation for civil service examinations.

Gayatri had also registered a complaint against her partner’s affair on April 24, at the Gachibowli police station, as per reports. However, Gayatri was not really convinced by this sane decision and went ahead with her cruel plan. She invited the victim and her family members to her place on the pretence to discuss the case and her decision of withdrawing it. She continued with the talks for a while and then took the victim to another room, where the four hired men were already present. The men sexually assaulted the woman and Gayatri captured the act on the mobile phone. According to the news, Gayatri blackmailed the victim to upload the video on social media sites, if she told about it to anyone.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital by her family members and the latter have also filed a police complaint against this heinous crime. As per reports, the police have caught Gayatri and the four men involved in the crime.

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It is a disgrace that this incident occurred. If she was angry, she should have confronted her partner instead; how can a woman go to such lengths for vengeance?

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