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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Setting off the week for Aries is the Star, a card of healing and serenity. If you’re still feeling the lazy haze post New Year’s, take another day off and spend time at home, cook a meal for your mum and dad, or spend the day grooming your pet. This is also a time of intense creativity, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. If you were thinking to put a project on hold and take it easy this week, do the opposite. Sit down at a window and write down your thoughts, or the poem you’ve been brewing . The Four of Wands ensures that happiness is in abundance all around, so even if you choose to dress up in all black, you’re winning in life, and that’s reason enough to smile. Nurture ties at home, especially if you’ve had a trying week dealing with family.



Okay Taurus, we need to talk about this. The Five and Three of Swords talk of conflict, tension, and ultimately, heartbreak. You’ve definitely had your fair share of troubles with the person you love, and how they have dealt with it has potentially made you see them in a new light. Times like these can often feel confusing, and it’s natural to want to retreat into your shell to weather the storm out. But this is the best time to call your closest friends, or get out on a solo cafe date, and wonder where you want to go from this bitter fight. Learn to put yourself first too. Even the smallest moments of self reflection can make you feel victorious and others will see the difference in you too!



The Wheel of Fortune is turning this week, Gemini! And with the card leading the trio this week, it promises to be turning in your favour especially on the love front. Love works both ways here, with your partner and family. It’s actually a great time for you to call your squad over and do a small five course meal. Expect good news from your partner because they’re definitely in the mood to take things to the next level, showering you with poems and love. Make the most of it and give as good as you get! The community vibe is strong, so if you’re feeling like this might be the special someone, time to make them meet your friends and family.



The suit of Wands ushers in a super charged week for you, Cancer! The Two of Wands leads you into the week with a massive energy boost at work and talks of opportunities waiting to be scooped up. A good time to get in touch with your inner compass and see where it is directing you. It maybe a good time to realign your work flow to suit the ultimate end goals. The Nine of Wands forewarns a period of conflict. Know that in times of growth (hard hard work) and attracting success (working for that reward), you can often times feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle on your own. This is not the time to isolate yourself and feel like you’re on your own. Open up channels of communication with friends who can help relieve stress, and to colleagues who can offer the right help and guidance.



Time to slow things down this week, Leo. The Hanged Man talks of a period of suspension, of putting the break lights on, and sitting down with your thoughts. There’s a marked indecision, possibly on the family front and you’re in need of an emotional release to pull through the frustration of inactivity. The reversed Ten of Swords indicates a nasty surprise, sometimes it is the ones we are closest to at work that can stab us in the back, and such a betrayal of trust can fire up the old temper, but this is the time to sit still. Make a list of all that is bothering you and process what is going on. How best can you make the situations turn in your favour? Get a bowl of miso soup or buttered popcorn, and focus on recharging your batteries.



This week is all about family for you, Virgo. The Ten of Swords signals a rocky end to a relationship or a project you’ve been working on at the office. There is a severance of ties either way and that’s bound to leave you feeling deflated, especially because it seems to be coming without warning and rather harshly so. Trust that this is the time to find repose in the infinite love and support of your parents, and even though sometimes it may feel like they’re not at the same pace of life as you are, they can be the source of strength you need to see this trying time through.



Let your freak flag fly this week, Libra! The Ace of Swords is the card of finding your voice. There’s a lot on your mind whether it’s about love, political views – though we always recommend filtering those tweets – or even your creative pursuits. This is the time to get your opinions out there, because who knows how many people could potentially benefit from your Instagram rant about how nobody takes mental health issues seriously? The Five of Swords provides a timely reminder that there’s always room for miscommunication. Know that not everybody is ready to hear a lot of things you want to say, but it’s important to stick to your truth. Eventually your message will be heard and understood!



This week for Scorpio is one of pure indulgence. While the first option may seem like materialistic indulgence – we’re never going to hold you back from retail therapy, and Zara does happen to be on sale – sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of time. The Ten of Wands seems to point to a period of struggle. You’ve worked hard and long to reach this point and before you burn out under the work pressure, take time to recharge your batteries. Head to the hills for a quiet weekend and soak in the sun. Take your partner out for a fancy meal and reconnect with the slower pace of life. Get in touch with your inner hermit for a change.



It’s time to make some decisions this week, Sagittarius. The Heirophant is a card connecting you to the esoteric world, a desire to walk the path of higher knowledge, and find your place and purpose. But the Seven of Cups stands in your way with a curve ball of illusions. There’s a chance you might have too many options to choose from and don’t know which one to take. The best way out of this is to get in touch with someone whose goals are along the same lines, and could help you figure out which path might be the best for you. With the right decision, you could find yourself on the stairway to success and achieving your dream goals.



Things are heating up this week for Capricorn. The King of Wands brings an absolute alpha male energy into your relationship and talks of major sensual energy. Your partner sees major potential in your relationship and isn’t afraid to push boundaries this week. Conversely, you could be the one on top and ready to take things to the next level. The Four of Cups, however, signals a reluctance in accepting these changes in dynamics and a hesitation in growing the love. If there are past heartbreaks and mistakes holding you back, this is time to talk them out and let them go, even if you choose to talk it out with a friend. This is the chance to open your heart and let the sparks of intimacy flow freely.



This is an interesting week for you, Aquarius. The card of Judgement calls for a period of self reflection, an analysis of what you’ve done over the past year, and whether there’s scope for improvement. Find out what changes you need to make to set you back on the path of achieving your goals, whether that’s an eight figure salary or setting up your own cafe. Once you’ve done that, you’re all but ready to go forth and conquer the world because it’ll give you the confidence to jump over any roadblocks thrown your way – and trust that there will be plenty. With the right focus and planning, the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour and finds you on your way to success!



Time to put your headphones on, Pisces, because this week calls for listening to your inner voice. Listening to your heart makes you emotionally intuitive, someone who can sense the mood of the room as soon you enter it . Now how do we make this work in your favour? Know who to talk rationale with and who needs just a big hug this week. The Three of Wands signals an untapped and raw energy when it comes to your potential. Consider this a good time to take stock of your skills and where you want to apply them at work. With the right project in your hands, you can go from film noir to technicolour in a heartbeat!


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