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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Roadblocks arise for two reasons Aries, to test your patience and to challenge your resolve. How dedicated are you to your dream project?  Are you willing to push forward by the millimetre, even if you can’t track your progress? Expect to be pushed beyond expectations particularly on the mental front, this is a time to motivate yourself harder than ever before despite the delays. Be careful when lighting fires though because they burn wildly just as easily.


The time for a big change in your lifestyle is here and the news may come as a shock but that could just as easily be from a delay in paying attention to your body. Balance the hustle with self-care, Taurus. As with all things you are surrounded by people who love and care about you so in this time you have more than enough people to fall back on. Call on a trusted friend or sibling to go along for a full body-check up if needed!


This week for Gemini starts off on a high note as you find a fire ignited within for a new project. Not only is this something that excites you on a professional level but it’s something that’ll feed your personal creative desires. The more energy you invest into this idea however you may feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface. This is now also a time of seeking higher knowledge, and no not the kind you can smoke. Look at courses that can assist you in your journey!


You’re in a self-imposed spotlight this week Cancer, trying to balance two very different sides of yourself. On one hand is the master of creative freedom, you’re manifesting bountiful opportunities for yourself but you’re also planning your time in a way that you can do each one justice. This is your silent hard-working side. On the other you also have a slew of social obligations to catch up on, nobody talks their way through large groups the way you can. How much of your pipeline dreams are you willing to share though?


The past few weeks have been turbulent to say the least, Leo and you have to be comfortable with turning into the slow lane for the next few days. Take time off from your busy schedule to truly process what’s going on. You are surrounded by people who love and support you but all of that is ultimately useless if you are not allowing them to be there for you. In harsh times we are only as strong as the friends around us, trust that they’re here to make life easier for you.


Okay Virgo time to break out that new planner and sit with your freshly inked fountain pen. This week is all about devising the ultimate master plan and how you plan to go from twenty nineteen to twenty nine-queen. It may be the year of the pig but there is no holding you back from being the ultimate winner stacking up victories like pennies in your piggy bank. At times it’s best to set goals and work backward to figure out just how to get where you want to go!


Once bitten twice shy, Libra? This week comes with a fair share of unpleasantness particularly with some shady folks around you who are unwilling to provide reasoning for their behaviour. This has a direct impact on you – whether professionally or personally – but it’s also a test of your resolve to remain optimistic. While it’s healthy practice to emotionally detach from such a situation and view it with practicality, do not let it be a benchmark for any future associations with others.


This week brings a fair share of emotional distress for Scorpio, particularly because the source is something you have been emotionally and energetically invested in. When it comes to loss, the only way out is to mourn what needs to be mourned and then put into action a shift in energy. The best way to put things into perspective and hit refresh is to step away from the situation, the city altogether. Yes, take this as the call of the mountains or the sea and plan a little holiday for yourself.


The tables don’t turn this week, they flip over completely. Expect trouble on the financial front whether it’s delayed payments or maybe you just had a wild night out and lost your wallet. With the constant seasonal flux there’s also an inexplicable emotional weight that could be bringing you down, the way out of this as always is to dive into the deep end of your work. Get your hands dirty and go full steam ahead until you’re able to drive out all the negativity in your side-view mirrors.


You know what, let’s call this week what it is Capricorn, it’s a tough stale cookie that can’t be saved no matter how much you soak it in milk! Expect delay in payments and dues owed to you and a direct suspension of action stemming from it. If you have things that need to be invested in, hold them off for the next week or maybe the one after. This is a time of rest and relaxation, you’re not going anywhere so you may as well sit and soak in the sun rather than fret about not being able to go ahead with your plans.


This is a week of the easy breezy life, we’re in Aquarius season anyway so more than ever before it’s a time to embrace who you are and live your best life without apologies. Your mantra for the week/month/year: let it go, let it flow. Make every conversation a dialogue rather than a rant, particularly when you’re on the listening end. How do you be the peacekeeper in troublesome situations? Spread your love and cheer around!


This week for Pisces brings an unexpected amount of chaos as your house of cards comes tumbling down but before you sit to gather the pieces, think about why this has happened. What made them overlook you for the guaranteed promotion? What has caused the rift in your relationship? Whether the ground has shook on a personal or professional front, this is a time of introspection and finding out where the foundation for your plans went weak.

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