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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


The week ahead for Aries looks to be one of progression, not just physically but an emotional and spiritual evolution. There is an element of new connections walking into your life, an expansion of your immediate circle and maybe even a romantic spark! But before you allow the trepidations of the past set in, walk into this with an open mind and open heart. The process of healing works inside to out and you’re surrounded by people who will aid this process.


The week ahead promises to be bursting at the seams with work commitments. Expect to have to start each day with a to-do list and running from pillar to post to get all the things done in time. While it’s unavoidable that you have a mountain’s worth of tasks to get through, you may as well make the ride enjoyable and meet each challenge with a composed frame of mind. As things start improving keep time to work on your inner peace and healing as well!


It’s easy to be bogged down in the face of challenges and constant roadblocks, sometimes it’s best to keep your head down and push through. Other times it’s better to stop and take a look around because often the only one standing in your way is you. This is a week of addressing your insecurities or self-doubts that are holding you back. And when you recognise the negative patterns set to work and release them, free yourself of all your limitations.


This week is one of big hallelujah moments for you because this isn’t a greek story and you are not Sisyphus repeating the same actions for eternity. As the saying goes, it’s madness to do the same things and expect different results, so why are you deliberately repeating patterns that even in the past have had unfavorable results? Sometimes an ex truly belongs in the past and has no reason to return to your present! Look out for yourself!


The week ahead is one of healing inside and out but it is crucial to remember that the process always begins with yourself. Something magical happens when you open up this space because this creates channels of creativity and this is a point in life where self expression is very important for your personal growth. Reach out to your network of close friends, connect with your partner, this is a week of compassion and community!


The week ahead promises to come with a fair share of ups and downs, yet the conundrum plays into the fact that not every high is good and not every low is bad. There may be underhanded activities underfoot that you’re not aware of, things going on behind the scenes but once you know about them you know not to continue investing energy into them. Conversely you may find yourself with interesting opportunities in the work space, a new exciting project perhaps? But before you commit be sure to have things set on paper!


 Hit refresh this week! The energy is charged with recreating your self and starting off a new journey. Simply put this may be the time to add a new feather to your cap, whether it’s related to a work project or a question of personal style and image. The higher powers recommend taking a leap of faith, no matter where you are in your life! When it comes to matters of finance this is also a good time to clear accounts, whether you need to pay someone back or ask for what is own to you.


It’s time to get your hands dirty this week as home improvements take center stage. Whether you refer to a Pinterest board or the extensive list of Netflix shows on the subject, know that it takes a village to build a home. Work with an expert and figure out how to make your vision board a reality, as much as you’d like to believe it you actually cannot do it all by yourself!


Onward and upward is what this week is all about, you’ve had a super charged month and driving down the path of your dream goals has never been smoother. Expect an action packed adventure as your journey nears its successful end bringing you the recognition you deserve. All efforts and energy invested into your projects are bound to give equivalent returns so rest assured that you have done the bulk of your hard work and start thinking of how else you can contribute to making this a success.


Conflict conflict conflict, you’re waging a war with your own thoughts this week and there’s nothing to be gained by all this overthinking! Know what is a negative thought pattern and work to break it down you only stand to lose out on your mental peace by doing this. Only when you snap out of it and allow yourself to look at the situation in respect to the larger scheme of things you will see how insignificant it is. Your mantra this week: forgive – forget – move the hell on!


This week it’s time to don your workman’s hat and set to working your way through that to-do list. Your first step to finding satisfaction with work is to understand what it is you’re passionate about. This is a time of getting your hands dirty and really put in the blood sweat and tears to make your dream goals a reality. Look for people who excel at what you want to do, figure out how to get there! There are lessons to be learnt from others’ experiences.


This week there is clarity in the message, if you want something to go your way don’t be afraid to make it happen even if you need to manipulate situations in your favour. Understand that the word manipulate often gets a bad rep but sometimes you just need to stand up and break out the proverbial whip to get things going how you want them to – particularly if you’re dealing with someone who is indecisive or unwilling to make commitments.

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