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Video Of Woman Ranting About Returning To Work After A Year Of Work From Home Is Kaafi Relatable!

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Most of last year, after we were all struck by the coronavirus pandemic with our pants down, was spent in phases of mental and physical turmoil. As we were all shunned into a lockdown, for a period that was indefinite at the time, we noticed our definition of ‘normal’ steadily change. Work was compensated through zoom meetings, offices traded for comfortable work from home set ups and denims were boycotted for the comfiest set of PJs. The change was as hard as it was imperative. But now after almost a year as we are getting back to our old life, it could be that we aren’t really ready. Emoted through a hilarious and uber relatable rant by a woman named Harjas Sethi, turns out we aren’t alone in battling the blues of going back to work after Covid. And this Instagram user makes some pretty valid and empathetic points for us all to raise to our bosses!

Putting forward the question of why do people need to come back to office after all, Harjas shares her unhappiness with the decision with the internet, and boy do the netizens relate. She starts by straight up saying, “Meri rooh kaanp rahi hai (I shake at the thought of going back to office),” setting a pretty blunt and honest tone for her rant.

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Moving on, she begins to say, “I want to ask them why they even want to do this [ask employees to work from office]. Everyone is happy, your revenue is increasing, you are saving on transport costs and other facilities.” Followed by a series of revelations such as her packing away all her pants and trousers and denims, to be eternally replaced by PJs, Harjas says, “Ho na paayega (it won’t be possible),” and we feel it too.

With a deadpan expression, Harjas Sethi touches upon all the very relevant issues all of us might have now after being asked to come back to work, from our recently tackled dark circles to tanning, this woman covered it all. Including a hilarious twist in the end, where she goes on to request her boss, if she is watching, to not fire her after the video!

Meanwhile us : *Forwards video to boss, with subject line – “Lol, jk. But do we really need to come though?” *

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