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Ghost Stories’ Trailer Won’t Even Scare The Fattu In Your Group. Maybe The Whole Movie Will Be Better?

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At Hauterfly HQ, we pride ourselves on being oversharers. No, not like we talk about our love lives (which we do) but we also announce every time we need to pee or a cute guy passes by. Yeah, we are not here for subtlety. As a part of this oversharing, we also send links of articles (important ones) and videos (not important at all, Taher Shah kinds).So when the trailer of Ghost Stories came out, we quickly pinged each other.

We have a few horror movie buffs- ones that don’t even squeak when the ghosts come at them in horror movies- so I was expecting a reaction from them. One of them chuckled in the first few seconds and I was thrown off. Was she watching the correct trailer? That’s an unexpected reaction. The others, even the fattus, were calmly watching this, their eyes open (if you are scared, they will be tiny slits, you should know that) and they didn’t even take off their headphones. Definitely not the reaction I was expecting.

Then again, even when I watched it, and I am a certified fattu, I wasn’t particularly scared. I mean, I was a little creeped out but that was the extent of it.

The trailer suffers from multiple issues. For starters, no scene plays out long enough for you to fully feel or understand what is going on, so that you can let out a blood-curdling scream. Then, a lot of it, like one of the writers mentioned, is stuff we’ve seen before. The jump scares, the stares, the creaking doors. It’s not new. These directors are not known for their horror stories, we know that and perhaps that’s where it stumbles?

There’s not much to talk about here. Maybe the whole movie will give the makers time to establish characters and build up to some sort of climax and that will be a win? It remains to be seen. Right now, I watched it like I was watching the trailer of any other movie and that doesn’t say much about it.

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