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10 Sassy Comebacks For When Someone Calls You ‘Fat’

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Unfortunately, there is no dearth of bodyshamers out there. From people fat-shaming you on your face or bullying you over the internet, there are many people who, for some reason, have a problem with the way you look. Sometimes, you have to stand up and shut the trolls up once and for all. Here are 10 sassy, humorous, and mature comebacks for when someone calls you ‘fat’.

Just remember that you are you, and there is nobody out there who is like you.


1. No one can match my level of awesome

Person: Hey, you’ve become fat!

Me: That’s ‘coz a tiny body can’t store all this personality!


2. Working on my vacation body

Person: Umm, haven’t you gained some weight since the holidays?

Me: Things expand when they heat. I’m HOT! It’s my vacay body, you see.


3. Burn!

Person: Girl, you need to lose some weight.

Me: I can lose weight easily, unfortunately, you’re still stuck with that ugly heart.


4. I’ll take it as a compliment

Person: I really think you should lose some weight.

Me: Your constant fixation with my body makes me think you either want me or want to be me. Either way, it’s a compliment.


5. Curvy is sexy

Person: Doesn’t your size bother you?

Me: I’m curvy, and a lot of people *prefer* that.


6. Beware!

Person: You’ve gained a lot of weight, lately!

Me: Be careful! I ate the last person who commented on my weight!


7. You got a reply to that?

Person: Don’t you think you should work on your body?

Me: “Fat” is a temporary caloric imbalance, but “stupid” is a permanent genetic malfunction!


8. Adios!

Person: You are fat!

Me: Hold on! My thighs and I are going to slow clap for you as we walk away from your stunning display of Fat Phobia.


9. I pity you

Person: Do you even care about your body? You have gained SO much weight!

Me: Yes, I know. I have also gained extra brain too. Want some?


10. Where’s your mommy?

Person: You’ve gained weight, yaar.

Me: Oh, thanks! What time does your mommy pick you up from daycare?

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