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Friends Is An Old Show And Yet, We’re All Watching It During The Lockdown. Here’s Why The Show Is Still Relatable

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It’s day 17 of my quarantine and let me tell you, if it weren’t for Friends, I would have lost my shit by now. I have been bingeing on it and turns out a lot of people are! This is a tense time and we don’t want to consume content that’s too dark. Friends, in that sense, is perfect. Oh who am I kidding? It’s perfect for literally any time. The show is light, relatable and hilarious!  

  It’s been 25 years since the first episode happened. And we’ve watched it at least 25 times but still, this just doesn’t get old. It’s so relatable even though they are not millennials! Here’s why I love watching it and it’s making the lockdown so much better.  

1) We have a bit of every lead character in us 

I can relate to Monica’s competitive side, Rachel’s tantrums, Phoebe’s I don’t give a fuck nature and Ross’s tendency to get into bad relationships. You can never be just one character. And that’s why, the show is relatable on so many levels! I would have said I relate to Chandler but I am not that funny but boy, do I want to marry him. 

2) We tell our best friends everything!  

Remember, when Ross finds out that Rachel told Phoebe about his princess Leia fantasy? And she tells him that we discuss everything! We love it how we can discuss just everything with our besties, and much to Chandler’s disappointment, even girth!  

3) Sometimes, you have to take up a shitty job for the money 

Rachel was a waitress. Monica stood on a counter and danced on YMCA with fake boobs. Phoebe and Joey took on several odd jobs. Does it remind you of the time you started out?  

4) Most of us are always broke 

We are so broke all the time! I could totally relate when Monica had just a little more than 100 dollars left in her bank. In fact, in an episode, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey tell the other three that they can’t spend as much as them. You know, the episode in which Rachel orders a side salad and the waiter asks, “on the side of?” and she asks him to just put it next to her water. I could feel her! 

5) We’ve all dated a guy we knew wasn’t good for us  

Rachel hooked up with Paolo after breaking up with Ross. He was the same guy who hit on Phoebe while he was still seeing Rachel. But she did it because vulnerability and “animal sex” as she likes to call it. We know these two are good enough reasons to drive us back into the arms of a fuckboi!  

6) Or settled for a relationship because we’re lonely  

Like Rachel was going to marry Barry and Chandler kept going back to Janice. We’ve settled and hopefully most of us have also realised and broken up for good! 

7) But we do believe in finding our lobster 

Phoebe calls Rachel Ross’s lobster because lobsters mate for life. We know that all these fuckbois will clear the way for our lobster and we will hold claws and live together happily ever after.  

8) Until then, the quarter-life crisis is real  

They may not be millennials but we can still relate. From the pressure to not die alone, it’s all too real. But what we’d really like is if our parents didn’t look at us with such disappointment! Monica, you’re not alone! 

9) But our women best friends make everything so much easier  

We get each other and we stand by each other. All of us go through shitty phases, but what makes it really okay is having a girlfriend who understands you. So what if we don’t have Valentine’s Day dates? We can just have a galantine’s and burn old boyfriend things!  

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10) Even if we fight, we always make up  

Have you seen the number of times Monica and Rachel got on each other’s nerves? Yup. We fight like that too. Really, there’s no age when you stop that. But like them, we always get back to our bestie. And the best part is none of these fights change anything! 

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