Editor’s Pick: Poorva’s Book On Inspirational Design Stories

Editor’s Pick: Poorva’s Book On Inspirational Design Stories

Being a designer, I am always on a hunt for interesting reads on design. With every new book I flip through, I learn something new about designing from industry veterans. And my latest find is a book called Dekho: Conversations On Design. Frankly, every page I poured over gave me a new perspective. In Hindi, the word dekho means “to see”, and the book’s cover plays on the tension between the verb’s immediate simplicity and its subtler connotations. The book is not just about how the design industry functions in India, but is also a collation of motivating stories on designers across India. Getting an insight on how they work was both inspiring and motivating.


Dekho Conversations on Design book1 Hauterfly
Dekho: Conversations on Design by Codesign

Dekho also includes star designers from around the world, including Casey Reas, Stefan Sagmeister and Wolfgang Weingart, and gives young designers like me an opportunity to get acquainted with their work and draw parallels with them. Written, edited, designed and published by brand and communication design practice Codesign — acclaimed for its innovative and content-driven approach to working with brands in India — this book captures one’s attention right from its cover. The book is rich in visual language and personal anecdotes and I’ll be going back to it over and over again.

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Poorva Dubey

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