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4 Ways To Style Your DIY Candles This Festive Season

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It doesn’t matter if you stay in a mansion, a cute little cottage or a dorm room, the one décor item that’s an absolute must-have and festivey at the same time are candles. However messy or ugly your space may seem, candles are all you need to transform it into a haven. Not only do they have a soothing effect, they have the power to beautify a home in a jiffy. And if you have romance in your mind, look no further, please. So if you want to spread some festive vibes, candles are the way to go. Whether they are on a birthday cake or sitting on your night-stand, there is no such thing as enough candles. And you find them in a thousand sizes, colours and shapes. They are simple to make, and even more fun to decorate. Here is how you can DIY one on your own in your kitchen, and brighten up your festival in minutes!


Candle wax/Bees wax/Soya wax


Melt the wax and pour it in a container. Put the wick in the middle with the help of a clip. When the wax dries and becomes solid, remove the clip. Your candle is ready to light! Yup, that’s basically it.

You can keep it this simple or play around a little, while you’re at it. Make it bright with some colours, pour into fancy containers or just decorate them. Put your middle-school craft classes to work and let the creativity flow. How can one ever get bored of making these cute fancy things! Let me show you four ways I like to dress up my candles:


Courtesy: Brit + Co

1. Add some colour or glitter

While you melt the wax, just put in scrapes of wax crayon to get the colour you want. But these don’t have a long life, so make sure to add a bit of colour dye to get the shade you want. And if you want some shimmer in your candle, while melting, pour some glitter.

2. Drift away from the standard containers

The regular glass candles can get mundane. So why not make your candle in a tea cup or a mason jar? Pour the wax in some cute tin boxes (you know, the kinds you get when you fly Indigo and order for some nuts!). Think out-of-the-box and find different ways to burn your candle.


Courtesy: Bird’s Party

3. Keep the candle simple, but the container elegant

If you want to keep the candle plain but still want it to look unique, decorate the container. Add stickers, flowers, glitter, or write a fun quote. There’s really so much you can do on a plain glass jar. So let your creative juices flow.

4. Go all out!

You can make a candle look like it is not a candle! Yes, that possible too.  There are candles in the shape of books, cakes, mugs, etc. If you want to make something this cool, then totally check out the above video that shows you how to make a cupcake candle. So real that you might actually take a bite!


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