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Deepika Padukone Is Appreciative Of Kangana Ranaut Starrer Panga Trailer. Genuine Praise Or Promotion Strategy?

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I have always had a bit of a competitive spirit when it comes to my work. The urge to always be better, to get an appraisal that’s awesome, often is the only thing that keeps me going. Honestly, it isn’t as toxic a feeling to harbour as people claim it is. And this sense of healthy competition is what keeps me going and for that reason, I am never dismissive of anyone else who might be doing well in their career. And this is what Bollywood is also doing – genuinely talking about good work. Deepika Padukone recently took to social media to laud Kangana Ranaut and her team for the trailer release of her upcoming film – Panga.

Bollywood they say is as cut-throat an industry as any other and I wouldn’t want to differ. But things are changing. From once cutting each other, to now empowering each other, Bollywood has come a long way and the fact that so many from the industry don’t shy away from recognising and appreciating talent when they see it, is a great start.

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Something that followed after the trailer release of Kangana’s upcoming movie Panga that is about a forgotten kabaddi player and mother, who finds her way back to her calling. Released a week ago, the trailer has already crossed 48 Million views and considering it has only Kangana Ranaut headlining it and therefore could be relegated to a chick flick, that is a big thing. In fact, numerous people from the industry have shared on their social media how much they enjoyed the trailer and can’t wait for it to hit the screens. One such admirer being the Chhapaak actress Deepika Padukone who spoke at an event, “I watch a lot of trailers for films with my cast and when I get time, I watch these films as an audience. Panga‘s trailer impressed me a lot. Looking at this trailer, it seems that this film will also be very good.”

And honestly, this coming from one superstar for another, means quite a lot. Especially since actresses are always stereotyped into being catty with fellow actresses, but we are glad these two among many others are proving it otherwise. Others who joined in were Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Vikrant Massey and the like.

Kangana’s socially active sister Rangoli Chandel too did not miss this opportunity to give thanks to actress Deepika Padukone for her kind words. Rangoli had earlier mentioned how she would always be her biggest cheerleader, considering she picked up a movie about an acid attack survivor and relates to it too personally.

And while this is all great, it always makes us think. Is this all just part of the promotion strategy? Because when Deepika doesn’t have a movie coming out, she hardly ever talks about any other movies – let alone appreciate them. Saying that you watched another movie’s trailer, especially one that could possibly be considered competition is a great to get the press talking about you. And when it’s closer to a movie’s release, it’s all good press and will give you plenty of headlines. We aren’t saying this is a bad thing, not at all, it’s great. It’s just that the silence otherwise on others’ movies is deafening. So maybe this is a great strategy, except we must see it for that.

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