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Dear Parents, It’s Work From Home, Not Summer Vacation. Why Don’t My Parents Get The Concept?

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Today is day…I don’t know…op of the 21-day lockdown, though it feels like day 100. But hey, good news at least we are halfway there. As I am sure we all know that this week has been particularly hard on our country. Coronavirus cases have been doubling overnight and have now crossed the 2,500 mark. It’s very sad but I genuinely feel like I am living in some post-apocalyptic world.

I do sit around and think about things like that. I mean, what else is there to do at home anyway? I have cooked, cleaned, painted to the best of my abilities (then thrown it away because the painting looked like something someone had walked all over it in a haste) and obviously whiled away my time indulging in video calls and online games. But I am sure you’re doing the exact same things.

Now, all that is fun to do but the worst part about this lockdown is that my parents are always around. Some of you might be used to that, I am not. I am not used to seeing my father sitting around watching TV nor am I used to my mother cooking and washing vessels. Okay, now that I say it out loud I realise my house might be choc-a-bloc with gender-bias stereotypes but isn’t that most Indian houses right now?

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While my parents are trying to do their own thing, I am working from home all through the week. When my office told us to go work from home, I was very excited, I had imagined a lot of things very differently. Basically, I thought work from home was code for “you can sleep on the job” and boy, was I wrong. I can’t sleep during the day, not only is there too much work but I am so bored that I would rather do all that work. I know! I shocked myself. Obviously though like any other normal working from home person, I too keep watching shows in the middle, it’s the ultimate saviour. In these past 10 days, I have binge-watched 5 seasons Schitt’s Creek, but no one really needs to know that so…shush.

However, the actual reason I utterly miss working from the office is that I have a major concern- that my parents do not understand the meaning of work from home. Look, I don’t know if you have faced this or not, but my parents really are not being able to grasp the meaning of me working remotely.

Just yesterday my mother asked me to do jhaadu at around 12pm and when I told her I was working she started with her usual emotional blackmail. For years, I’ve had this hunch that my mother went through emotional blackmail training before giving birth to me. Anyway, at the end of that one-sided argument, I had to leave what I was working on and sweep the house.

And it’s not just her either, my father is treating this lockdown like his personal summer vacation. He helps out a lot around the house but most of the time he is lazing around on the couch. Which means every time he needs someone, he calls out to me. Let me give you an example, the other day he needed the remote to the TV, so he calls out to me in the other room to pass him the remote that was like 8 feet away from him. Then, I almost sat down and tried to work again when he called out to me again to refill his cup of tea and then again to get him some biscuits and a bottle of water. I love my father dearly, but I never been more annoyed with him.

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Also, why does he have to watch news through the day? It is depressing enough as it is. Especially the volume at which he watches I feel like Rajat Sharma is standing in my living room.

Now, you are thinking that this is normal, it happens to everyone. Probably, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pissing off. Let me tell you few more anecdotes maybe you will relate to my pain. So, my mother is cooking nowadays, and she has started using this lockdown to fulfil her personal agenda of getting me to eat healthier. The entire day from breakfast until dinner she comes in, asks me what I want to eat and haws when I ask for something with cards. And apparently “make whatever you want” is not a good answer. The only thing that answer does is get her to stand there, stare at me and look upset.

Another thing, I don’t understand why she is trying to feed me every hour. Once she will come fruits, then biscuits, then khakhra, then dry fruits and no matter how much I say no, she is back with more food in an hour. At least when I put on a fuck ton of weight at the end of this lockdown, I can ask her to pay my gym fees without feeling guilty.

I know it’s sweet and blah blah but if you have ever experienced any of this, you will know that there is nothing more pissing off than something breaking your chain of thought every 15 minutes. Okay look, maybe this lockdown is a good thing because I don’t remember the last time we sat down and had a meal together before it. But man, they really need to learn to not distract me so much.

Work from home is not that difficult a concept, is it? Just don’t come and talk to me until I come out of my room. I really hope they understand this soon. If not, it’s going to be another long 11 days.

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