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7 Indian Web Series That You Should Totally Be Watching!

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Gone are the days when you were forced into watching a mundane soap on TV with your mum because you had no other choice. Today, thanks to the big wide world of the internet, we have choices aplenty, especially when it comes to entertainment!

Don’t want to watch the football match? Don’t want to sit through a rerun of an old sitcom? Then don’t! We have the easiest available option for you all. Two words: web series! Web series’ are now all the rage. The content is fresh and hilarious, the service is absolutely free, and it’s all available on your cell phone too thanks to YouTube!

So if you want to get started with this new fad and are wondering which series to start binge-watching, we’re here to help. Scroll on to discover 7 cool web series you absolutely NEED to watch, starting now.


1. TVF’S Pitchers

Based on the lives of four friends who suddenly up and quit their corporate jobs to launch a startup, Pitchers is one of the most well-written, funniest web series we’ve seen yet.


2. Baked

Presented by Pechkas Pictures and Scoopwhoop Talkies, Baked is hands-down hilarious! A trio of university flatmates decide to band together and kick off a midnight food delivery service. What follows is chaos and insanity, both guaranteed to make you laugh.


3. Permanent Roommates

If you want to watch a cute little rom-com that, apart from the frills, also shows you the real situation, TVF’s Permanent Roommates is for you. Join Tanya and Mikesh as they struggle with trying to convert their long-distance relationship into a live-in one. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with this pair!


4. 3 South Indian Boys In Space

Funny guy Kenny Sebastian has come up with this brand new web series. As the name very obviously suggests, the plot line revolves around three South Indian guys traveling through space in their shuttle. Think exaggerated accents, straight faces and sudden bursts of action, in signature Kenny style!


5. Ladies Room

Y-Films’ latest venture, Ladies Room is both fresh and spunky. Focusing on the lives of two girls, this web series deals with the hilarious and chaotic situations that take place inside women’s loos! Here’s some guaranteed entertainment on any dull day.


6. A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend

This web series is the brainchild of Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies fame. It follows the life of an app developer, Sam, and tells us what happens when an app starts developing actual feelings! A laughter riot, if nothing else.


7. Girl In The City

Are you a fashionista? Do you love couture? Well then, you’re going to love this web series. It follows the life of a 21-year-old girl who moves to Mumbai, wanting to fulfil her dream of joining the burgeoning fashion industry by starting off as a spunky new intern. Motivational AND funny? Yes, please!


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