Looking For Secret Santa Gifts? Check Out These Not-So-Cliché Gift Ideas

Be a Secret Santa they can't forget!
Looking For Secret Santa Gifts? Check Out These Not-So-Cliché Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and we just can’t wait for all the fun lights and colours and decorations. But more importantly, it’s Santa Claus season which means its also time for gifts. This is the time when most offices and friend groups have Secret Santa gifting but finding the perfect gift to play secret Santa to someone is no cakewalk. But fret not ‘coz we’ve got your back. In order to make your lives easier, I’ve listed some not-so-cliché Secret Santa gifts so, you don’t have to buy someone the same old mugs and watches. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these fun gifts you can get your colleagues and/or loved ones.

1. Light It Up!

Christmas is all about lights and colours to make our days and nights all bright. So, feel free to add some fairy lights or cute lamps like those round rotating lamps with colourful lights or scented candles to your cart for Christmas gifting.

2. Start Planning!

Most of us love planning our day and our year and if you’re playing Secret Santa for someone who swears by a planner, make sure to invest in a quality planner to make for a memorable gift that they’re going to remember for a whole year!

3. Bag It Up!

2023 is a great time to make changes and that can start with a new bag. Santa’s are supposed to carry a bag full of gifts but you can be the Secret Santa who gets their loved one a bag! Brands like Zouk and Lavie have great bags that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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4. Winter Comfort

Christmas is also during the winter season and nothing is better than a cute printed Christmas sweater for a gift that can provide some warmth and Xmas vibes.

5. Get Techy!

With all the brands available in the market, one can get Bluetooth and wireless earphones and speakers under 2k. If you’re playing Secret Santa for someone who likes gadgets, feel free to invest in some quality tech for them.

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6. Glam It Up

Beauty enthusiasts are the best people to buy gifts for. Pick some bath bombs from mCaffeine, red wine skincare from Pilgrim and lipsticks from Colorbar and put together a cute beauty kit for your loved one this Christmas.

7. Christmas Pampering

There’s no better gift than de-stressing and pampering. If you’re a Secret Santa who is lost and doesn’t know what to get someone, you can invest in Spa vouchers to make them feel pampered and help them relax this holiday season.

8. Warm And Sweet

Christmas gifts are all about making people feel warm and fuzzy and what better than red socks to keep their feet warm and candy for their sweet tooth? Customise a bag full of different candies and a pair of cute Christmas-printed socks if you’re playing Secret Santa.


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9. It’s All About Reading

Book lovers are the best people to get gifts for, more so if you know their favourite genre and author. If not, some sleuthing can help you figure out what book is on their wishlist.


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10. Dates And Ohs!

Since 2023 is just around the corner and you want to get someone a useful gift, pick a cute calendar to be an unforgettable Secret Santa for the coming year.


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Get shopping before it’s too late, you guys!

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