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This World Breastfeeding Week, Bollywood Moms Are Talking Breastfeeding And The Many Notions Around It

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It has always been believed that the essence of being a woman, lies in experiencing motherhood. Now, we don’t entirely agree with that statement, because, heck whatever makes you feel like a woman, do that. Though, the feeling of having and raising a child, that you’ve brought into the world is said to be absolutely gratifying. And while it brings out the best in women, it happens to bring out the worst in the public. Especially during the times when a woman is trying to breastfeed her child outside the confines of her house. Because apparently, it’s a big deal for a lot of people.

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Breastfeeding, that once used to be a very integral and natural process, has now become taboo thanks to the society that takes offence when a woman feeds her hungry and crying infant in public. From women being directed to a stinking washroom for breastfeeding, to them being asked to cover up in the flights, it hasn’t been easy for young mothers to navigate the shame associated with this completely natural process. But things might be changing, especially with star moms speaking up about the issues this breastfeeding week.

What started with Neha Dhupia’s #freedomtofeed conversation on her social media, where she talks about the need to educate people about breastfeeding, soon turned into a much needed dialogue with Soha Ali Khan and Sameera Reddy also contributing to it. She wrote, “It truly made me realise the value of a wonderful support system that I have and sometimes the lack of it and also the lack of facilities”

Sharing their own experiences and learning, the actresses talked about the many benefits of breastfeeding and how women must not shy away from feeding their children, no matter what the society makes them believe. So this Breastfeeding week, we remind you of all the benefits that breastfeeding has to the mother and the baby.

  1. Breast milk is said to be the most appropriate and most nutrient rich food for the baby for at least the first six months of his birth. It contains everything that the baby would need, with its composition altering itself over the course of those six months to cater to the baby’s need.
  2. Breastfeeding, in addition to being nutritious for the infant, also protects the baby from any infections or diseases, increasing their immunity towards diseases and also allergies.
  3. It is often misconstrued that a mother puts on weight during the time she is feeding her child. However, breastfeeding has proved to help new mothers lose weight, and if not that, at least doesn’t make her add on the kilos. The mother has an increased appetite in the beginning and may experience a higher calorie count, but soon after the fat burning starts with regular fat burning, making them lose those extra pounds.
  4. Studies have showed that women who breastfeed their children have lower risks of suffering through postpartum compared who do not do it or do it relatively less. It also has to do with the hormonal changes that that heighten their maternal instincts and induce feelings of care.
  5. A woman’s uterus swells and grows really big during the time of the pregnancy and starts to go back to its original size through a process called involution, that starts only after the delivery. And one of the main hormones that contribute to the process is Oxytocin, which is produced in good amounts during the time of breastfeeding.

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