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8 Reasons A Long Distance Relationship Is Good For You!

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When you tell people you are in a relationship, they are usually happy for you. Tell them you are in a long distance relationship and they look at you and sigh. At a time when relationships in real life are so difficult to manage, having one with someone in another city or another country? Sounds pretty crazy. We get it. Long distance relationships are hard. But, they are not impossible! There’s a good side to it!

Think about this way. You don’t have to get out of your pyjamas, you don’t have to maintain any standard of personal hygiene (though it is recommended that you do!) and you get all the space you need!

These are just the many things that an LDR allows you. Wait, we have more. Read to know! inpost - long distance - communication

1. You Master The Skill Of Effective Communication

You are going to actually have to talk. Make conversation. Lay it out. Because a hug or kiss are near impossible, it’s only words you have (excuse the song reference). You learn to be write out your feelings, be more patient with written sentences on Whatsapp and  you get time to think things through before you explode on a call.

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2. Every Visit Is A Vacation

You always have an excuse to visit your partner’s city/state/country! Every meeting will feel like a mini-vacation. And you’ll always have something to look forward to. You could end up exploring new cafes, restaurants, parks, etc. in your vicinity. That’s if you make it out of your room, though. *wink, wink*

inpost - longdistance - indepensent

3. You Learn To Be More Independent

Got a puncture in the middle of the road? You learn to fix it. Too drunk to make it home? You’ll have to rely on yourself. A long distance relationship helps you become more independent in several aspects – emotional, physical, and even financial. So those times when you really need a hug after you watch The Notebook and your partner isn’t around, you fight through your emotions and be okay with it.

inpost - longdistance - looking forward

4. You Will Always Have Something to Look Forward To

The best part about a LDR is that there will always be something to look forward to, whether it is meeting your partner, planning your next trip, a Skype date, or finally deciding to settle down together. There will always be another goal or something exciting to look forward to. And each time you meet, it’ll still feel new!

inpost - long distance - planning

5. You Can Ace Planning

Planning is everything in a LDR. You have to talk about everything! You have to discuss work plans, any travel, you even have to plan conversations if your time zones are different. Planning a surprise may take months of getting everything in place. You learn to Google almost everything, plan ahead for anything you want or want to send, and you get really good at it over time.

inpost - long distance - loyalty

6. Skills Like Trust and Loyalty Will Develop Early On

Even a strong relationship can stumble because of distance. Which is why loyalty and trust become really important. And while it takes time, you learn to indulge your partner with the little things you do. You will think twice before you step out to party with a bunch of friends your partner doesn’t like, because you might end up drunk and do something stupid. You will become more loyal and honest with your partner which is always great.



inpost - long distance - value

7. You Really Value Each Other

You will value this relationship, and your partner at a deeper level. After spending so much time apart with only screens to communicate your feelings, you start appreciating seeing them in person so much more. The good is what you want to soak up and the bad is relegated to the back. Your last fight means nothing compared to the surprise visit he made for your birthday!

inpost - longdistance - priorities

8.  You Know How To Prioritize

Long distance relationships are not easy and there will be several things that you have to go without for a really long time. This is where you might end up sacrificing on a date with your girl gang for a Skype call or might have to spend most of your savings on a surprise trip to go see him. You quickly learn what’s important and needs your attention, and this can help every aspect of your life.


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