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As Coronavirus Spreads, Indian Women Come Up With Effective Remedies Like Prayers. This Needs To Stop

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No one expected it to go this way. It seemed like just another outbreak but now, with Coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down and practically bringing the whole word to it’s knees, we know it’s not just another ‘epidemic.’ Now when push has come to shove, or in this case it’s brought us to the brink of fear, the only direction we can find ourselves running in is to pharmacies where we are stocking up on the sanitizers and face masks at shockingly high prices, enough to buy yourself decent grams of gold. And while different people have different precautionary measures or coping mechanisms to deal with Coronavirus, Indian women are relying on whatsapp forwards and prayers, which, as well know, are extremely scientific and accurate.

Now, before this dangerously controversial introduction gets me in trouble, I would make clear the fact that by no means I am condemning the ones who practice their faith in god, but I do condemn, or at least strongly recommend against using it as a cure or even precaution to the quickly spreading coronavirus. And to offer you more context, we say this after coming across a video of a bunch of Indian women, singing a made-up bhajan as a prayer to the gods, pleading them to not have the virus spread in India. Because that makes so much sense.

With lyrics like, “Corona bhag ja, bharat me tharo kain kam re, corona bhag ja,” a video of women dressed in sarees, huddling up and diligently singing a prayer to the gods to save them from the virus has gone viral and we can’t help but roll our eyes at it. Shown to be reading the lyrics of the bhajan from their phone screens, which might as well be a whatsapp forward, this video, more than an inspiration for others to join in, has come in as comic relief midst this situation of panic and grief.

Indian way to fight corona.

Aayushi Chaurasia यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, ७ मार्च, २०२०

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And we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t fear our family indulging in something like this. With over 1.2 million views already, the video is being circulated on all social mediums, sparking all sorts of reactions, most in which people are surprised and amused at the entirely bizarre way to deal with an emergency in India. Because if it isn’t this, it is cow urine, or any other irrational cure, except from what actually could help and that is getting educated on the matter.

While people resort to questionable means such as this, we urge you to stay up to date with the Coronovirus outbreak, try to avoid contact and minimise going in public spaces without gloves or masks. Up till now, more than 73 cases have been reported in India, with 14 from Kerala itself. Best to stay indoors and highly sanitized at all times!

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