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Arjun Kapoor Invests In A Startup That Supports Women Entrepreneurs. We Need More Men Like Him

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We are young and out here, working and making money. I mean, at least we are playing at working. I won’t call ourselves privileged because although the female workforce is out there, we are still dealing with gender biases and pay disparity. Even today, most managerial positions are held by men and a lot of women don’t get the same leverage once they return from their maternal leaves. In fact, in corporate fields women aren’t even taken that seriously and often dismissed. So yes, we have made progress but we are still dealing with a strong gender bias. However, there are several stay-at-home women who don’t have the opportunity to go out and work, which makes them more dependent on their husbands financially. Which is why, sometimes, I really wish we had work-from-home culture in India because due to family pressure and responsibilities, a lot of women have to lose their financial independence. So when I heard of Arjun Kapoor co-investing in a food delivery business that aims to bring a change towards gender parity in India, I was excited.

FoodCloud is a Delhi-based startup, which is aiming to reach out to “outstanding stay-at-home women cooks and empower them as entrepreneurs” through its platform. Investing in the business and supporting this cause, Arjun said, “Our startup is aiming to bring about a positive social change towards gender parity in our society. It is a venture that is extremely close to my heart and I have been doing my best to raise awareness about this platform for the past couple of months.”

He further spoke about how this platform can help homemakers be more independent and also contribute to the family income. The venture will have home cooks using their own kitchen and getting the food delivered to the customers. Around 4,000 women from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have already signed up on the platform as home chefs. “I’m delighted with the response that I have got so far and the team is constantly on the lookout to find the best stay-at-home chefs from various cities and bring them on the platform. We are looking to find the best culinary heroes from every locality of India,” Arjun added.

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It really warms my heart to see a man doing his bit for the gender-parity in India. It’s how it should be – equality shouldn’t be a woman’s job and yet, how many men do we see actually contributing to the progress?

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