Anand Ahuja Explains What #EverydayPhenomenal Means & Where It Comes From

He is an entrepreneur, a sneakerhead, a fashion icon, a feminist, and is married to Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor. Hauterfly’s latest crush is none other than Anand Ahuja!

While Anand comes from an affluent family, he has managed to make a mark for himself. In 2012, Anand Ahuja founded the fun, street wear and contemporary clothing label, Bhane. The man also owns over 200 pairs of sneakers, and has turned his passion for shoes into a legit business too. In 2015, Anand Ahuja launched his own multi-brand sneaker online store called VegNonVeg. Following the success of the online store, they launched a brick and mortar store in Delhi, making it India’s very first multi-brand sneaker boutique.

Post his wedding to Sonam, it is obvious that Anand will be visiting Mumbai often, hence, the next logical step for VegNonVeg, was to open its next offline store in Mumbai. As Anand launched his Mumbai store in a cosy corner of a busy street of Bandra, Mumbai, we caught up with him and got him to spill the beans on things he loves.

Watch his interview as he explains what Bhane means, how the brand and name came into being. (For all those confused, he finally explained the correct pronunciation of Bhane.) Ladies, Anand also gave us tips on what sneakers to invest in, and which ones are his favourite. And he finally explains what their famous couple and wedding hashtag #EverydayPhenomenal means too.

We bet you will fall in love with him by the end of this fun tête-à-tête.

Shikha Kohli

Fashion enthusiast by birth, shopaholic by nature, and makeup maven by choice, Shikha serves you your daily dose of everything style and beauty, with a sprinkle of fabulousness!

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