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An Indian Jeweller Has Created Masks Made Of Gold. It Won’t Protect You But Hey, You’ll Shine

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For a country that’s still developing and one that has a population that’s battling poverty, India is also surprisingly the second largest consumer of gold. And yet, we aren’t really shaken by that fact. A major reason for that is definitely the wedding market in India, where parents spend most of their savings on their daughter’s wedding and not her education or career. Like if my parents were going to spend lakhs on me, I would rather ask them to put it in a fixed deposit and not on feeding 1000 people who will anyway complain about why we didn’t have a larger variety of desserts. However, our obsession with gold continues.

A jeweller in Hyderabad, Mujtaba Jewellers has gone ahead and made another useless item of gold – face masks. Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and various businesses are trying to build products that would help them sustain during this time, this jewellery brand crafted gold masks. For now, we’ve seen two varieties – one looks like a butterfly and the other is round in shape.

However, it’s not like these masks will shield you from anything except logical reasoning. You’re supposed to wear it on top of a real mask which further deems it useless. I do believe that the target audience here is those who are getting married and those who’d be investing in gold toilets. Or Bappi Lahiri, whose assistants might be making high-priority calls to the jeweller as I write this.

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Gold has a bad reputation for being used for the most frivolous of things. Like we know it’s expensive and all that but why on earth would you feel like taking a dump in a gold commode and use a gold toilet paper? Why would you eat gold considering it doesn’t really have any nutritional value? I am far too poor to think of doing that but even if I could afford to, I wouldn’t. Gold is not a useless metal and it is used in healthcare, technology, and other industries for things that are far more productive. But here we are, making gold ornamental masks so you can look like a doofus on your coronavirus wedding day.

What will be the use of these gold masks after the pandemic is over? They will have to be melted and redesigned into something else. It’s not like we can arrive at a wedding in 2030 with a gold mask on unless they want to give people major PTSD vibes. Honestly, if I have a choice between a gold toilet and a gold mask, I’d choose the former. At least, my day will start on a golden note!

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