Ambani’s Video Pressurising Bahu Shloka Mehta To Get Pregnant Is Not Cool And We Are Not Impressed


We often think that when you’ve been exposed to a variety of cultures, when you’ve met people from across the world, that you’d be a little more open-minded. And when it’s the Ambani’s we are talking about, we expect more. It’s not everyday that heads of state attend a wedding. Of course nothing about Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s wedding was run-of-the-mill. They had Chainsmokers and Chris Martin (from the band Coldplay) perform for their pre-wedding bash. Their wedding guest list, apart from including the many uncles and aunties, also featured the likes of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Anand Mahindra and Ratan Tata. Of course, with all that glitz and glamour, we expected them to be this modern bunch of people living the global culture.

But we guess that’s so far from the reality! So recently, for bahu Shloka’s birthday, the Ambani’s had made a princess-themed video, and incorporated their messages for her in it. Seems all cute, right? So not relatable. Because, even if our families made such a video for us, it would probably have a watermark of a moviemaker app on it. The birthday video indeed is of great quality.  Well, yes, except that the entire video seemed like a glorified effort to pressurise Shloka into bearing a child. Mukesh Ambani and brother-in-law Anant Ambani weren’t very subtle in spelling out their wishes for Shloka – that they want her to become a mother by her next birthday. Husband Akash Ambani hinted at it subtly with a wink and a desire to “create new things”.

It wasn’t expected out of Ambanis. Let the woman breathe; she is not a child-bearing machine! This is such typical behaviour of conservative in-laws, and doesn’t make them seem like they are well-travelled (although they are!) Unless Shloka too wants the same, it’s just not right to put pressure on a woman to reproduce, and to make it worse, on a public platform, and with a deadline.

Of course, the cringe-worthy video made netizens speak up and we’re glad that apart from unnecessary trolling, Twitterattis do speak up for the right things! Here are some reactions that will make you want to drop everything and tweet away too!

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Well, we should have seen this coming, considering their post-wedding shoot was a typical one in which the young couple is super awkward and look like they’d just want to evaporate!

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