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Alia Bhatt Becomes The Spokesperson For A Women Empowerment Initiative. Erm, We Are Not Sure About How To Feel About This

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When you’re a woman in this day and age, and working in the media industry no less, strong opinions become your power suit and important dialogues such as those about women empowerment become food for your soul. And luckily for me, I get to actually put out my opinion on a platform that has a reach. Like celebrities do. One such informed and inspired individual being Alia Bhatt, who recently launched a ‘She free. She Fly’ initiative in collaboration with Style Cracker.

An initiative that seeks to promote the idea of women being able to make their own choices in life and pursue it in full steam, has Raazi actress Alia Bhatt headlining this front for them. She announced this with a 3 part video where the young actress talks about the cause and how we can be a part of it.

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She starts by actively talking about the concept, how it is about flying a little closer to your dreams and the need to embodying a free spirit as women, to then take us through a three-step process to be a part of this drive. Alia Bhatt is candid, lively and super active in this video, especially by the time she starts explaining what the challenge is – flying a paper plane through a bridge of hands, that she finally gets right. But hey, who’s judging right?

Except, while we may not be suspicious over her genuine attempts at flying a paper plane, we do have our reservations when it comes to her being the spokesperson about the initiative. Don’t get us wrong here, we are all for efforts that bring us women even a tad bit closer to achieving what we want and would get up at the drop of a paper plane to support the cause. And while her thought and Style Cracker’s effort into materialising that free will and ambition is interesting, we can’t help but think about how skeptical it might be coming at the hands of an actress who has recently released her hit single – Prada, that is literally a song about a woman putting out demands of Prada from a guy, threatening him that she will start looking for someone else. Talk about squashing stereotypes.

I mean, go ahead Alia, do your thing but let all your work speak one language perhaps?

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