In Diljit And Kangana’s Twitter War, Twitterati Drags In Hrithik Propagating The ‘My Ex Is Crazy’ Stereotype

In Diljit And Kangana’s Twitter War, Twitterati Drags In Hrithik Propagating The ‘My Ex Is Crazy’ Stereotype

Every few weeks, while I am scrolling mindlessly through my social media feed, trying to gauge what is happening around the world and catching up on new trends, a part of me waits to stumble across the new tiff that actress Kangana Ranaut would have started with someone. And she never disappoints. What has started to seem more of a fortnightly or monthly subscription to some social media drama, you know your month is incomplete if you don’t see the actress unleash her wrath at someone at least once. And seems like, she has done it again, this time getting up in arms with singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh.

A rift that started after the Manikarnika actress in a tweet (now deleted) made an uninformed diss against a woman in the ongoing farmers protest, angering quite a few people including actor Diljit Dosanjh. In a way to give Kangana a quick fact check, Diljit took to his twitter handle, to respond to her tweet, where she had compared a photo of an old female farmer with a photo of Bilkis Bano, the ‘dadi‘ from the Shaheen Bagh protests with a video that clarified the woman to be Mahinder Kaur instead.

As one thing led to another, and one tweet led to 17 more, the twitter war between the two actors became the butt of many many memes and jokes, most of them lauding Diljit for roasting Kangana and finally showing her that two can play at this game. However, while we were pretty easy going with the entire feud, considering she called it upon herself, what we thought crossed a line here was netizens taking it way too personally and attacking her, by dropping comments like ‘I feel sorry for Hrithik Roshan. Imagine this guy had to tolerate her.’

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Suddenly, her past was dragged into this conversation, that had no connection to the matter and the narrative turned sexist. These digs were made in context to the old rumours of the two actors dating while they were shooting for the film Krrish 3. Now that netizens were taking Diljit’s side in the entire showdown, the fact that Hrithik had been the one married to another woman was swiftly left aside, as they character assassinated Kangana instead with  comments that were directed to Hrithik, asking him how he put up with Kangana.

To deviate from the topic and make crass comments over a woman’s character, by branding her a ‘crazy ex’ that Hrithik Roshan should be glad to get away from, just because the woman is known not to mince her words is not cool. In fact, the implication of a woman to be a crazy is plain sexist and derogatory. Especially when none of this happens to a guy if he ever gets in a row with a woman.

While we agree that Kangana stepped on her own toes when she took a jibe, we still don’t think she or any woman for that matter deserves to be given a tag of a ‘crazy stupid ex’ for it.

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