Actress Mallika Sherawat Opens Up Her Bold Scenes In Murder. Says She Was Seen As A Fallen Woman.

Actress Mallika Sherawat Opens Up Her Bold Scenes In Murder. Says She Was Seen As A Fallen Woman.

The year was 2004. Mallika Sherawat had only just been noticed in Bollywood with her debut in the 2003 film Khwahish and talks about Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt releasing an erotic thriller based on the Hollywood hit movie Unfaithful were starting to go around. And since the genre was still relatively new for the Indian audience, there were as many apprehensions before releasing the film Murder as there was excitement. But yet, when the movie hit the box office in 2004, grossing over 250 million, Mallika Sherawat became an icon, and it was almost instantaneous. Which is great right?

That’s what we thought.

You see, actress Mallika Sherawat who rose to fame with her bold and unabashed portrayal of the character of Simran Sehgal in the movie Murder, made quite a name for herself by setting a precedent in the industry for what was erotic. And while both Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat were sort of pigeonholed into the genre, what with Emraan being branded as the ‘serial kisser’, the movie brought a lot more to Mallika than just fame.

Opening up about the bold scenes that Mallika did on the screen for the movie, she recently had a tete-a-tete with ETimes, where she talked about the kind of flak she received for it. So much so that she at a point felt morally assassinated.

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“When I acted in Murder (2004), I was almost morally assassinated for those scenes I shot; I was seen as a fallen woman. Today, those things I did back then are common in our films. People’s perceptions have changed. Our cinema has changed,” said Mallika Sherawat. She also added, “But even now, when I think of it, nothing beats the cinema of the 50s and 60s.”

She then went on to point out how even though the Indian cinema had wonderful roles for women, they lacked a certain beauty in the films. She said, “I have waited for years to get a role that has substance.” And considering how the film fraternity is often known for type-casting actors and actresses into a set role, making harder for them to establish them otherwise, we could understand where she was coming from.

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