A Woman In Delhi Named Her New Born Son After A Delhi Police Constable Because He Helped Her Reach The Hospital Just In Time. We Heart This

There comes a time in life when after someone has helped you out in a situation that otherwise would have turned into catastrophe pretty damn soon. And just showing gratitude in this situation doesn’t really cut it, for you have to back it up with a gesture too. A gesture of not just saying your thanks, but also sharing just how their help mattered to you in that moment, as we have recently witnessed after a woman named her child after a police constable, who helped her get to the hospital in time.

Anupama, who was pregnant and had gone into labor pain, was at her home with her father-in-law when they called for an ambulance in such a critical situation. However, after waiting for an ambulance for over two hours that ultimately did not show up, Anupama’s father in law decided to call the police for help. And much to their surprise, they did not disappoint.

The Delhi Police Constable Dayaveer Singh was sent to her house, and he helped her reach the Hindu Rao Hospital just in time, for her to be able deliver a little baby boy. And indebted by the gesture of Dayaveer Singh, whose help made it possible for Anupama to save her life and her child’s, she decided to name her new born son Dayaveer, after the constable himself.

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A news that was then shared on twitter and soon started making rounds on the internet, attracted a lot of compliments from the tweeple, who shared just how touched they felt from Delhi Police’s actions and Anupama’s gesture and wrote comments like, “Good, salute to Delhi Police,” and “Wow! that’s great.” Clearly, a little kindness goes a long way, and this was just the kind of news to remind all of us that!

When asked about the incident, Dayaveer said, “They were trying to arrange an ambulance. When the ambulance did not arrive, they called our SHO. I was asked to rush to the woman’s aid.” Meanwhile Ashok Vihar Police Station SHO Arti Sharma shared how, “Delhi Police is ready to provide all help to the people amid the lockdown,” and we were thrilled to know that Delhi police has actually been taking their job seriously during this lockdown and have impressed us with just how vigilant yet beautifully human they are

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