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A Pakistani Politician Says Coronavirus Can’t Harm Us While We Are Asleep Because It Is Also Sleeping. Okay, Then

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This pandemic has wreaked havoc in all our lives. I think the worst part about phase, apart from all the suffering, is the uncertainty. I mean, last time the world went through a pandemic it lasted two years, more or less. But, it can’t last as long this time, can it? I mean, we have technology at our beck and call and the medical industry has come such a long way that they are bound to find a cure sooner rather than later. I think a coronavirus cure is like a global unanimous wish but how and when will it come true? 

People are now scrambling to find things that will do away with the coronavirus and apparently they are ready to try anything (which is scary). Some (or most) of things have no head or tail but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely entertaining. Like how initially people thought drinking cow urine cures it, or how President Trump suggested injecting disinfectant and using UV rays to cure the virus. Yeah, but what can you expect out of him? Women in so many states of India flouted all lockdown rules to pray to “corona devi” to get rid of this pandemic. They thought chanting, “Go Corona Go” would do the trick. Not to mention, how many “cures” for corona we have received on WhatsApp that our parents almost believed to be true.

You see, these are hilarious and kind of expected. However, I thought that the deeper we got into this pandemic and the more people learned about it, this stupidity would stop. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more wrong. Apparently, there is no restriction on spewing rubbish. Oh yeah, there is one more person who believes he has cracked the cure to the coronavirus and I can barely contain myself. 

The latest claim has come from a Pakistani politician, Fazal-ur-Rahman, who was a member of the Pakistan National Assembly for over two decades. He believes that doctors are recommending people to sleep for longer hours because the more we sleep, the virus can’t harm us since it will be asleep as well. So, if you sleep longer the virus will sleep too and will not harm you as much. *insert sound of mind blowing*. 

The undated video of Fazal-ur-Rahman is going viral and has become the butt of many memes. But who can blame the trolls? To them, this is what candy is to children. The video was posted by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat and it was captioned, “When we sleep, virus sleeps. When we die, the virus dies. Simple”. 

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I don’t think they know what the word “simple” means. In the video the politician says, “The more you sleep, your virus will also sleep and it won’t be able to harm you. Hence, it sleeps when you sleep and it also dies when we die.” He also says that the more you sleep, the virus will not be able to harm you. So, he knows something all the doctors and researchers out there don’t.  

Okay let’s get something straight first, the virus does not sleep when we sleep and it does not die when we die. By that logic, considering we have lost millions of people worldwide, shouldn’t the virus have died out by now? Where do they get this stuff?? 

Does this mean that when a coronavirus carrier is dancing or jogging, the virus is dancing or jogging as well? Seriously, what happened to a little thing called logic? Oh wait, I think its sleeping. 

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