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A Man Raped A Teenage Girl After Stalking Her For Days In Madhya Pradesh

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In the last few months, a few things have become increasingly apparent. The fact that India is no place for women is at the top of that list. Earlier, when a rape would occur the entire country would be riled up. However, now it’s become such a commonly occurring phenomenon that no one even blinks an eye. It’s almost as if everyone has gotten desensitized to the fact that women and girls are being harassed and assaulted practically on a daily basis. In the case we are discussing today, a girl studying in the 8th grade was raped by a man who was stalking her for days. How does this not make your blood boil?

Days after he repeatedly stalked her, on Wednesday, a man, Uttam Raghuvanshi alias Ayush, raped a girl studying in the 8th grade. The incident occurred in Madhya Pradesh. The girl’s mother noticed a significant change in her behaviour and confronted her about it. That’s when the girl opened up about the horror she was subjected to.

The victim, a teenage girl, lives in Shahpura with her family. Her mother works as a domestic help in a colony in the same area. The girl attended a coaching class and then would go and help her mother. The accused was employed as a carpenter in the house where the girl and her mother would work. The girl alleged that he was stalking her for days leading up to the sexual assault.

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According to reports, on Wednesday, the girl’s mother did not go to work. Her elder sister asked her to go to a house and collect their payment. After collecting the money, when the girl was returning home, the accused called her inside one of the flats and sexually assaulted her. Needless to say, after the incident, the girl was extremely traumatized. She locked herself in a room and refused to talk to anyone. It was when the mother confronted her that she spilt the beans about the gruesome assault she endured. The accused has been booked under the POSCO Act and arrested.

This is sickening, to say the least. We are glad the girl opened up about the incident and that the accused has been nabbed but that doesn’t change the fact that rape is being excessively downplayed. It’s a rapidly growing issue that is getting out of hand.

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