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In UP, A Priest And Two Aides Gangrape And Brutally Murder A 50 YO Woman, Breaking Her Ribs And Lungs

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In 2012, when the Nirbhaya case first hit the news it sparked outrage. There were protests and candle marches. People took to the streets demanding the accused be executed. And 8 years and a very complicated trial later, they were. However, it’s 2021 and despite all the dialogues and awareness, gangrapes are more prevalent than ever. The only thing that is different is that the outrage in people seems to have died down. We seem to be getting desensitized to the horrors of the crime. But we can’t let that happen because today, more women are in danger than they were all those years ago. In fact, there was another gang-rape in UP recently. A woman was raped by three men, one of whom is a temple priest. It’s horrifying and sickening. 

The bone-chilling incident has been reported from a village in the Ughaiti police station area in Badaun district, Uttar Pradesh. The victim is a 50-year-old woman who went to the temple on Sunday evening but never returned. 

According to the police, the incident took place allegedly in a temple premises situated in the village. Locals claim that around 12 am they saw the temple priest, Mahant Baba Satyanarayan, his aide Vedram and driver Jaspal escaped, leaving the woman at her house. She was bleeding and died later the same night during treatment in a district hospital. 

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The post-mortem report shows that the victim suffered fatal injuries. The woman’s rib and leg were broken while the lungs were attacked with a heavy object. A few reports also claim that the men tortured her by inserting an iron rod in her private parts.  It’s a chilling reminder of the Nirbhaya gangrape. 

Raghvendra Singh, SP RA Badaun said, “We received information on Tuesday after a family alleged that a woman had been gangraped by three men which later led to her death. The postmortem report confirmed bleeding in private parts and death due to antemortem injuries. Two people have been arrested while the main accused will be held soon.” 

In this case as well, the family members of the victim are complaining of negligence by the police. They are alleging that the police station officer of Ughaiti, Ravendra Pratap Singh, did not reach the spot even after the complaint. Also, the body of the woman was sent for post-mortem 18 hours after the incident. Well, so much for Yogi Adityanath’s Mission Shakti programme. 

Two of the three accused have been arrested. However, the main culprit Mahant Baba Satyanarayan is still at large.  

This entire incident brings back the horrors of the Nirbhya gangrape and the Hathras rape. It’s really shameful that despite the courts giving such stern sentences to rapists and the government taking so many measures, women are far from safe.

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