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8-Year-Old Asifa Was Raped And Murdered. Where Is The Justice For Her?

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Asifa was all of 8 years old. At an age when most children indulge in harmless childhood games, she was gang-raped and murdered. The chargesheet in this case was recently filed and the details about the crime that have emerged will make you shudder.

On January 10th, 2018, Asifa disappeared from around her house where she had gone to graze her horses. She was then kidnapped, raped repeatedly in a temple area, and later, brutally murdered. Her body was found a week later in the same area. What is most alarming is that the entire crime was scripted to ensure a minority community left that area.

A Special Investigation Team was formed that has now arrested 8 people including 3 members of the police who have been charged with destroying evidence related to the case.

And while the entire nation is talking about how this is causing communal tension, what really needs to be addressed is that we have the blood of an innocent girl on our hands.

In a country that boasts of diversity, are children going to be sacrificed to feed our personal agendas? The hashtag #JusticeForAsifa was trending on Twitter and several celebrities showed their support for the cause.

We hope justice is delivered swiftly in this case.

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