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Girls, Here’s Why Being Single Is Not Just Okay, It’s Awesome!

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“So, do you have a boyfriend?”

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me this question, I would have been richer than Kardashians!

“Umm… no.”

And I’m met with the same shocked look, over and over again. In today’s day and age, the dating era per say, being single is a crime. Especially, if you’re in your 20s.

The pressure that our generation puts on us and the illusion of loneliness that we start living in, makes us want to settle for any douche bag comes along. We compromise and then some more just for that #BaeGoals selfie! Don’t get me wrong. Some people find eternal love early on and they’re lucky. But to settle for someone just because it’s the norm to ‘date’ is what I’ve a problem with.

To all the single ladies – it’s okay! If you’re not committed to anyone and are reading this, well, give yourself a pat on the back ’cause you chose yourself. You decided to put in time and effort on your personal and professional growth instead of wasting it on another meaningless relationship with another guy who didn’t give a damn.

I’ve seen couples fight over everything, from what drinks to order to food preferences, and what they should (not) wear to how they should behave in public. But you have been saved from that drama.

Order whatever you like, get sh*t-faced drunk, wear what is comfortable for you, and go on a girls trip ’cause there is no one to stop you. Okay, maybe your parents, but at least not a random guy who came in your life just 47 days ago… right?

You’re not pathetic, or lonely; there’s nothing wrong with you… you don’t need a certain someone to validate how awesome you are. You simply don’t.

Being single gives you a chance to do whatever you like without thinking twice. Travel to any part of the world… or just move to another city. There is no one to hold you back. Make new friends, learn more, explore and in turn find yourself.

Because there is nothing worse than being in a relationship and losing yourself.

As far as the physical benefits are concerned, who said you can’t have fun? After all, what are dating apps for?

Breathe, relax and live life on your own terms. Girl, it’s okay to be single and not give a f*ck.


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