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6 Zodiac Signs That Are Impulsive And Make Rash Decisions

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When it comes to friends, I have different people for different things. One friend I always watch horror movies with, another friend who loves going on spontaneous walks with me, another will make the best holiday plans and all that. Then there are people I know would be very analytical about things so these friends can balance my madness. And then there are friends who are just as impulsive as me. They take rash decisions and some of them may lead to a little chaos but oh, the memories that are made. They definitely belong to one of the impulsive zodiac signs!

I personally like taking calculated risks. Honestly, I have grown to subdue my impulsiveness a bit – you know so I don’t feel like I am living life on the edge. Are you the analytical one of your group or the one known to encourage everyone to take rash decisions? Here are 6 most impulsive zodiac signs.


They take pride in their spontaneity and braveness, except the downside to it also includes them not thinking things through. Aries love the adrenaline rush they get from being impulsive and they are afraid, they wouldn’t be able to make half the rash decisions they do, if they thought things through! Hot-headed, they often end up regretting things they uttered or did in a momentary phase of anger.


These people are usually calm and composed but rile up their emotions and they will make the most rash decisions ever, like drunk dialing their crush or storming out after a fight. But these are occasional storms. However, if you ask them to go with you on a spontaneous trip, you will probably get a very lazy response.


They are known to have two sides to their personality – one appears to be laidback and the other one goes wild with rash decisions and questionable choices. That random date you said yes to or the after-party you couldn’t resist, whether these work out or not, you definitely have great stories to tell!


They bring a charm to recklessness that makes them so intensely enchanting. People love their company and their vibe because it always gets the party going. If you propose a plan that seems intriguing enough, they will hop on. However, the same impulsiveness can go wrong when they get upset about things and act on it in ways they will regret later.


They are not here to live a life full of premeditated plans; life means adventure, risks and thrill to them. They will make rash decisions, live to tell the tale and not regret a single thing! Sagittarians are making memories and you can’t do so by being tame!

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They are generally really quick people. They solve problems quickly, that means they are the best people to be impulsive, make rash decisions and still have it all worked out for them. Aquarians overthink but only in relationships. Otherwise, with their emotions, plans and shenanigans, they are quick as Flash.

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