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5 Zodiac Signs That Tend To Take Their Partners For Granted

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I believe a lot of people tend to take their loved ones for granted. I have been on the receiving end and it can a harrowing experience. Your relationship starts with so much promise; you feel loved and adored, especially since he was the one who pursued you. You’re brimming with joy, feeling safe in his kind, warmth that makes you want to just melt in his embrace. He is prioritising you, putting in the effort to keep the relationship exciting. You smile and think to yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?”

And before you know it, he starts becoming absolutely lazy in the relationship. He expects you to make all plans, otherwise you’ll end up going to the same café every single time. He starts expecting you to be available at his beck and call and when you start getting annoyed, he acts like you’re overreacting. He tells you he loves you, but what about not taking you for granted?

The thing with me is, I feel I am very prone to being taken for granted. I think most people who are understanding and empathetic tend to get taken for granted by people who get comfortable with a certain pattern. A little relaxing of things is bound to happen in a long-term relationship. You’re not in the honeymoon phase, you’re not afraid of losing them and you know you give each other crap once in a while. But you still shouldn’t feel like your feelings and convenience don’t matter.

Did you know your zodiac sign can predict if you’re likely to take your partner for granted? Here are 5 zodiac signs that get too lazy once the relationship loses novelty.


Cool and collected, you’re usually the one being equally understanding in a relationship. However, when you really feel settled in a long-term relationship, you tend to stop putting in the effort in keeping things exciting. In fact, you take them for granted in a way that you expect them to handle your outbursts and mood swings.


You feel like royalty walking the earth, expecting your partner to be prioritising you over everything else. You want your partner to be helpful to you in many ways except you forget that they have a life of their own. In fact, after a while, you stop pacifying your partner when they get mad at things you see as trivial. You just hope they will come around.


When it comes to love, your feelings are incredibly plateaued and stable. Your heart settles, knowing you’ve found your person and you believe nothing can change what you share. And with that over confidence, you do what you like, often making your partner feel sidelined and invisible. But pay attention, they might not stick around if you don’t continue to nurture your relationship.


You love your partner, but you walk the earth acting like they owe you their time and patience. You seek instant gratification and expect them to be available at your beck and call, even if it greatly inconveniences them. You take your partner for granted by making the relationship all about yourself and your needs.

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When your partner is kind to your needs and cutting you some slack when you mess up, you start taking their patience for granted. Soon, they feel it’s being demanded of them to do things they were doing out of good will. The more understanding your partner is, the less you realise the error of your ways. Fix it before you break it.

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