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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Lagdi Lahore Di. One Of Them Definitely Was About Nora’s Love For The Ground

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I love Bollywood comedy movies. I watch all of them and know the dialogues of a few. But every few years there comes about a movie that is unintentionally funny. Like this one right here, Street Dancer 3D starring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Nora Fatehi. It is pretty obvious that it is a movie about a bunch of dancers. But judging by all the songs, it is pretty clear that comedy is the larger genre (though I don’t think Remo D’souza intended it). Take this song for example, Lagdi Lahore Di, which begins with Varun Dhawan jumping out a moving car’s window for some reason. Some of their actions and steps in this song are so awkward, I was cringing – inside and out. Here are five thoughts I had while watching the video. But before you take a look at those, watch the video!


  1. Surprise Surprise, another (horribly) remixed song *slow claps for Street Dancer 3D*. The OG song, Lahore is so amazing and these guys have just gone and ruined it. If I was Guru Randhwa, I would be hella pissed but a little less because of the  hefty paycheck I would’ve received). They retained the chorus, added their own beats and tune, mixed it all up with some terrible lyrics that make zero sense, and of course neither of these three things mix well, so it just sounds like chaos.

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  1. After watching this video, it is a little hard to believe this movie is about dance and is made by dancers. Seriously what are those steps? There is absolutely no coordination between Varun and Shraddha, who by the way, is dancing like someone has put a gun to her head. I am no professional but damn, Salman Khan has more rhythm in his dance steps than those two. Also, they have zero chemistry between them. What was that make-out session at the end? Like kissing a cousin. Awkwaaaaard.


  1. Okay, can we please take a moment to talk about what all three of them are wearing? Varun’s outfit looks like it could be used by the bomb squad as a hazmat suit. Shraddha’s outfit makes her look like a decorative yak. Seriously, that jacket is visibly a size too big for her and is completely out of place. The other two are dressed as if they are going for a morning run while Shradha looks like she forgot the lehenga choli that goes with that jacket. Nora, on the other hand, has sneakers on her tits for reason. Such things must not be allowed. It scorches our eyeballs.

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  1. There is no denying that Nora is a fantastic dancer. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do a thumka the way she does. What I don’t understand is her fascination with the ground. I mean, I love gravity as much as the next person. But the way Nora always finds a way to lie on the ground, makes me think she really seems to have a deeper appreciation for it. Also, what is that bridge step that she did? I am sure the makers intended it to look hot, but it reminded me of the scene in The Exorcist where the possessed girl clambers down the stairs in that exact same way.
  1. Someone please explain the backgrounds of this song to me. There is a rooftop at what seems to be a construction site, an airport tarmac with an actual plane, vintage cars and bikers and what looks like a dance studio. What the hell is the connection here? I know Bollywood has a knack for going OTT with songs, but this one with all its venues just killed it. I just can’t get the question out of my head. Why are they dancing in front of a plane? They’re hoping the song will take off?

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