5 Colourful And Happy Things To Buy To Spruce Up Your Home Desk

5 Colourful And Happy Things To Buy To Spruce Up Your Home Desk

A few months back, if anyone were to walk up to the HR of my company and ask for ‘work from home,’ my HR would be tickled pink. Mainly because it’s a policy that isn’t entertained in this company and I know of several companies that wouldn’t be okay wit it. So we were all required to turn up at work, and actually, it was fun once you got there and interacted with your work family. But see, that time we didn’t know that a pandemic would require us to plonk our asses at home for a long, long time

I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy adjusting to the new work from home culture after being habituated to going to office daily. Suddenly, the commute from Delhi to Gurugram started looking much easier than the one from our bed to the table. And now, as we continue to live in such uncertain times, with probably a long way to go until we’re back commuting to work, it only makes sense to break the ice with your work desk at homeand make it a little more appealing, accessible and equipped to handle you!

Here are 5 absolutely fun but essential products that you can use to upgrade you work from home desk in just a few simple clicks.

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Elan Girl-Boss All In One Multi Functional 4 Compartment Supplies Desk Organizer (Rs. 760)

One of the most useful things to have on your desk, this pretty Girl boss desk multi-functional desk organiser is exactly what you need to turn the chaos into a creative space. Stack all your stationery, miscellaneous products and even makeup brushes that have been lying around in one of these compartments, and you’ve a organiser and a motivational poster, all built into one.

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Pine Wood Mobile Or Laptop Stand (Rs. 2999)

A new and innovative way to make your usage of laptop and mobile viable, this laptop stand with air ventilation holes in the perfect accessory to place on your desk, bed, couch or anywhere and make use of the laptop, with a built in stand to rest your phone.

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Chai On My Mind Desk Accessories Set (Rs. 1595)

This pretty desk accessories set from Chumbak is not only the perfect way to add some colour to your work desk, and also make work easier by equipping you with cute post its, a card holder, pen holder and a calendar so that you don’t lose track of date during this Covid-19 phase. We could all use this.

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ANAND INDIA Posture Corrector (Rs. 474)

An item that is probably made to make your life a lot easier and your back a little more straight, this posture corrector is what we all can use in these times to relieve ourselves from the back pain that arises from all the ways we’ve been sitting, crouching and moving on our bed while we work. Call it a ‘hunch’, but this might be just what you were missing.

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Jade Plant In Brass Pot (Rs. 449)

There is nothing like a plant to add more life to your work desk situation, and so a little leafy and green addition during such times might do you more good than you can imagine. The process of taking care of the plant might just urge you to get up and start moving, and maybe, take care of yourself too!

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