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4 Money Saving Hacks For The Contemporary Woman

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With price tags just getting bigger, our pockets are definitely getting lighter. Given the current economy, every penny saved is a blessing. But as expenses scale up at an intimidating pace, saving has become an uphill task for most of us. It takes a lot of will to stop yourself from clicking that buy icon or not purchasing those cute shoes that are clearly calling out to you!

But if you manage just a few expenses and adopt a few nifty tricks, trust me, you can save like a boss! Take a look at these tips to make the end of the month as happy as the first few days!

1. Patience, Girl

Have you heard the phrase, “the best things come to those who wait”? Well, for the most of it, this is true. End-of-season sales take place every now and then, and give you the same products at lower prices. For instance, the months of August through October see a huge number of sales because of the festivals, so make sure you make your major purchases then.

2. Compare And Win

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a product on one site, only to find it cheaper on another one. Don’t make this mistake and spend unnecessary money! Compare the prices of similar products so that you get the best deal at the best value. Investing a little time in research will only work out in your favour.

3. Follow The Brands

Every brand is on social media now and, to boost sales, they constantly entice followers with offers, contests and sales. Follow your favourites and never miss an opportunity to save money again! Most shopping sites and tech brands have their own newsletters, so you can sign up for those too. These emailers will give you information about deals worth checking out. But make sure your inbox doesn’t get spammed!

4. Old Is Gold

This can mean two things. First, you purchase old or second-hand products that are of good quality and in mint condition. They won’t burn a whole in your pocket and let’s face it — there’s something cool in vintage. Or you can sell off some of your old things in exchange for new ones or for cash. Now, this doesn’t mean you are poor! It’s just the art of decluttering our homes and lives. Your clutter can definitely be someone else’s treasure!


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