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21 Ways To Reduce Waste On Day-To-Day Basis

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Waste disposal is a legit problem, and we’re not just talking about the ‘garbage guy’ who Anushka Sharma shamed for littering the streets from his car. Every one of us is creating more waste by the day, and we can’t even deny it! From the Amazon parcel you received last week with enough plastic to wrap a human to the sanitary napkins we’re forced to use every month, it’s all slowly adding up into one big global problem. So how do we reduce our carbon footprint?

Well, it’s little, everyday things that actually go a long way in reducing the amount of waste we produce. And while we may not have the answers to everything, here are 21 ways you can reduce waste production on a daily basis!

Use menstrual cups on your period

1. Use menstrual cups on your period, instead of sanitary napkins and tampons. One cup will last up to 10 years, so just calculate the number of pads you won’t be throwing into the trash can. 🙂

2. Use the reverse side of unwanted printed paper. Indulge in a quick DIY by cutting the pages in half and stapling them from one side to create a quick notepad.

Use a makeup removing cloth that can be rewashed

3. Instead of using cotton pads and wet wipes, invest in a makeup removal cloth that will easily wipe off all your makeup, and make sure to wash it every day!

4. Skip the plastic disposable razors, and opt for waxing or threading. On the bright side, you will eliminate the stubble-like hair you see right after two days of shaving.

Use a bamboo toothbrush

5. Use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. Reality is that we start our day with a plastic toothbrush and that is the first thing that needs to go!

6. Try to buy second hand products if they are a feasible option. I am all from thrift stores and hand-me-downs from my cousins in America. The best way to recycle clothes, instead of throwing them away, is to give them to someone who would actually enjoy wearing them.

Turn off your lights and fans when you leave the room

7. Turn off your lights and fans when you leave the room, because common sense?

8. Buy products in bulk to avoid the extra packaging material. It is so much better to buy a litre of hand soap rather than a fancy little bottle every other week.

Take a cloth bag when you go shopping

9. Carry a cloth bag with you when you go shopping because it is so not fun to pay Rs. 7 each time you need to buy a dozen apples.

10. Invest in a cool thermos that you can carry to a coffee shop, a juice stall, or even to work!

Switch to paper less billing

11. Don’t get a customer copy every time you swipe your card at a store or when you are spitting the bill on a girls night out.

12. Avoid takeout food, and eat at the restaurant if it is possible to do so. All the containers, paper napkins and cutlery in that Swiggy bag are totally avoidable!

If you frequently travel by public transport get a season pass instead of buying a ticket everyday

13. If you frequently travel by public transport, get a season pass instead of buying a ticket every day. You won’t be wasting as much paper.

14. Switch to paperless billing by subscribing to the e-bill. Plus, if the e-bill gives you a mini heart attack, you can simply delete it and move on with life. *Just kidding*

Carry a steel container to work

15. Carry a steel/glass container to work instead of using those plastic containers from last night’s takeout.

16. Take a bucket bath instead of a shower, and you’ll save a ton of water! Because we all need to.

Carry a bottle of water from home

17. Carry a bottle of water from home instead of buying Bisleri bottles every day. If you’re thirsty on the go, and you don’t have your own bottle, there really is not other option… unless you get an aerated drink in a glass bottle, but then… ahem… calories!

18. Most of us get milk in plastic bags or cardboard carton. If the milk diary is right next to your home, how about you take your container there for a refill instead?

Car pool with people

19. Carpool with people that are going in the same direction as you, or just share your Uber/ Ola through the app.

20. Donate all the old products you don’t use anymore, whether it is stationery, clothing, or art.

21. Carry a metal/acrylic straw in your purse when you are going out for a drink. A little bit of planning can go a long way, even if it is for drinking coconut water after a workout, or sipping on cocktails after work!


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