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In Andhra Pradesh, Over 100 Women Fall Sick After Gas Leak In Factory

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There is no denying that many factories in India are poorly inspected and as a result of that they pollute the environment in irreversible ways. And the effects of this harm directly affect not only the people living in the nearby area but more so the people working in those factories. Just take the instance of this factory in Andhra Pradesh which recently had a gas leak for the second time in two months which led to more than 100 women falling sick and being immediately admitted to the hospital.

The factory, Brandix India Apparel Company, in Anakapalle district in Andhra Pradesh, recently had its second gas leak in the span of just two months. And this time it ended up sickening more than 100 women who were then rushed to the hospital. 

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Earlier, another gas leak had taken place at this factory, Brandix India Apparel Company, in Atchutapuram and that led to more than 300 women mysteriously falling sick and then being rushed to the hospital. 

The Brandix India Apparel Company factory in a statement said that some of the women workers had complained of an unpleasant and strong odour that led to them being taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The good news is that the women are now stable.

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Let’s agree that we need better and more efficient precautionary measures to be taken so as to prevent gas leaks in the first place. But I, for one, am glad that the factory owners and managers were nice enough to not turn a deaf ear to the women workers’ concerns and took immediate action. Which in a way did help in ensuring that the women don’t fall sick and can get the treatment they need in time. 

Feature Image Credit: India Ahead

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