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10 Ways How Socialising Will Change In The Post-Coronavirus World

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When the lockdown started, we were all quite disoriented. Honestly, I couldn’t believe just a few days before that I was with my friends chilling and making merry. The roads were jam-packed with traffic, the restaurants had a queue and malls were filled with children I could get annoyed with. Suddenly, everything changed. We couldn’t go to work or meet our friends. There haven’t been any get-togethers, except those that happen virtually. We don’t know at what point, we’ll be able to go to the movies. I don’t even know when I will start making excuses to not go to the gym.

Things have changed and with a change that huge, nothing can emerge unaltered. So here we are learning to stay connected in ways that may be virtual but still more meaningful. We are beginning to really enjoy the simpler things in life and finding happiness in places where we didn’t know it existed. But when all this is over, will we get back to how things were? I don’t think so. The way we socialise will change and here’s how.

1) I won’t be lousy in staying connected with people I don’t meet daily

Often the people we don’t talk to often are those who are actually the closest to us. So maybe it’s time to get our priorities straight. It’s really not difficult to just video call your long-distance bestie!

2) Our plans will be simpler but more creative than just going out drinking

Because simply going to a bar and drinking up just won’t make the cut – at least not all the time. I have begun to appreciate the non-alcoholic side of life and believe fun shouldn’t be limited to just that and gluttony. I’d be wanting to try so much more – standup comedy, a walk on the beach, a garden picnic, camping, games night, movie night, etc.

3) Get-togethers will be more about conversations and games

We’ve learnt how to be in each other’s company again. We’re interacting with undivided attention and so I hope that continues. I hope we won’t go back to being immersed in our phones while sitting next to each other or always meeting in a loud bar where you can barely hear each other.

4) Our friendships will improve and we will feel a sense of closeness

Do you know how people bond over hating the same person? In this case, I already feel a sense of togetherness because all of us are dealing with the same evil. And guess what, knowing that time and distance doesn’t change anything just brings us closer. Plus, I swear, I am gonna be so grateful and happy just to see them exist, I just won’t be able to get mad at anyone for the longest time.

5) There will be a healthy boundary and space

We’re learning abstinence and that we’re okay without overdoing it. Sure, you like each other’s company but is it necessary to hang out every other day? You need to do your own thing too.

6) I will still prioritise time for self over socialising

Over the past few weeks, I have really begun to appreciate the time I have had for myself. I have utilised it to both work on myself and rejuvenate. I like feeling not over-dependent on someone else to make myself happy and I don’t want to lose this to just another session of social interaction. If the party clashes with my need to stay home in my PJs, you know where I’ll be.

7) I might be obsessively sanitising everything

We won’t walk out of this without an OCD. At least I won’t. Lockdown or no lockdown, I will be sanitising everything – the cutlery, rickshaw seat, and my hand after touching any public surface.

8) And being hesitant in giving hugs to anyone outside my circle

Social, rather physical distancing may continue as we remain wary of who we hug, at least until everyone is vaccinated. So unless you’re like really close to me and I know how obsessively you have been sanitising things too, no hugs for you.

9) That Goa trip has to happen!

Eventually, at whichever point, tourism opens up and the pristine waters of Goa seduce us, we have to go. I regret all the times we were too uptight and didn’t take that trip when we should have.

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10) And even if it doesn’t, simply planning it would make us happy

It will suck if our plans still fail but honestly, I will be too happy that we can at least afford to make such plans. It’s so much better than travelling to and fro your hall and considering it your outing.

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