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10 Types Of Guys You Meet on Tinder!

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We know it – you have fooled around on Tinder, don’t try to deny it! As a 23-year-old single woman, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with talking to guys on dating apps. Tinder is the most convenient way of meeting men these days, plus, we get such a kick out of swiping left and right, don’t we? If you girls have been there and done that, then you’ll agree with me on the different kinds of guys we meet on dating apps.

1. The Cheesy-Pick-Up-Line Guy

He’ll start with ‘Hey beautiful’ even if you haven’t uploaded a picture. This guy will try his best to woo you and make him talk to you, even if you die of cheesiness. My advice – ask him to up his game!

puns GIF

2. The Punny Guy

Believe me ladies, this guy will not disappoint you. His puns may get lame at times, but will make you smile any day. If you are a master at puns, too, then you’re a match made in heaven (or Tinder!). But, be careful, your conversation might not go anywhere apart from throwing puns at each other!

3. The Guy Who Ghosts You

This guy chats with you, makes you believe that he is the one for you and then one day out of the blue, he stops answering. You try not to act weird and text him after a few days, but he’s gone MIA. The only way you move on is by thinking he lost his phone.

nerd GIF by Third Rail with OZY

4. The IITian

You’ll come across at least two IITians on Tinder in a day, I can bet on that! They all look the same by the way – tall, lanky, wear glasses and may even have a picture with a guitar (or maybe I’m stereotyping). You will have a decent conversation with them, but slowly you’ll start suffering from inferiority complex and stop talking altogether because of how much they can annoy you.

scooby doo jonny bravo GIF

5. The ‘Gym is Love’ Kind of Guy

You’ll have to count the abs on this guy and you’ll find a million pictures of him posing with some workout equipment or the other. You might even drool over his shirtless pictures, but when he starts talking, it’s a huge turn-off. But if you find a decent guy who looks that good, there’s no harm in taking this forward. *Wink*

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6. The SMS Language Guy

‘hey butiful’ – when a guy writes like this, it’s a huge turn-off for most of the girls. The way he writes will make you cringe and I bet this guy is clingy. If you don’t reply within a minute, he’ll bombard you with, ‘wr r u?’. Don’t, ladies, just don’t…

7. The ‘What Are You Wearing Tonight?’ Guy

He goes from ‘hey’ to ‘what are you wearing tonight’ at the drop of a hat. He’ll want your number so that he can sext you. And if you deny, he’ll ask for your kik user ID (Who even uses that now?!). Block him that very moment – unless that’s what you’re looking for!

girl guy GIF

8. The Guy Who Sticks Like Glue

The moment you reply to him, he’ll ask you to treat him to a beer. Why exactly? He’ll want you to reply in less than a second to all his messages and talk to him all the time. Soon you’ll get pissed and stop talking to him, maybe block him. There are better guys out there, girls!

9. The Flaker

So, you like him enough to meet him and maybe take it a tad forward. But, he keeps on cancelling plans! You make plans to meet (and get waxed), and the moment you’re about to step out, he cancels. Then next week, you make plans, he cancels. It’s never-ending – better to ditch him now!

hiking GIF by agconti

10. The Solo Traveller

He not only likes to travel, but is a poet, and read. (Your eyes just twinkled, didn’t they?) His pictures are full of him hiking or river-rafting or smoking hookah in the hills. He’s an aspiring writer and you can see that in his unruly hair and beard that hasn’t been trimmed in a while. You’ll just find yourself underwater with this guy, ladies!


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