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10 Bullet Journals That Will Make You Want To Get Organised ASAP

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For those of you who don’t know, a Bullet Journal isn’t a fancy organising tool you have to buy from your local stationery store. It’s even easier to get than that. It’s something you create as you go along, which is what makes the journal so effective. Each page can be designed according to your need, and what makes it so functional is an index page and a set of bullets that help you plan your days and stay super organised.

There are a lot of tutorials online on how to create them, you can take a look at one of them here:

Now that you know how it works, you’ll also see that each section and page can be customised to look however you like it, which is what makes the whole exercise so much fun. So, unless you’re one of those creative types, here’s some inspiration to get you Bullet Journalling like a pro.

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1. If you’re a BuJo newbie, you can start by keeping it simple.


2. Remember to be as neat as you can. The easier it is to understand, the better it’ll work.


3. Adding quotes to each month could really help motivate you to push yourself.


4. A review page can make sure your next month goes better than the last.


5. You can make it as colourful as you like.


6. And even have separate pages for all your hobbies.


7. Feel free to get creative with stickers, post-its and washi tape.


8. And use it to keep all your lists in one place.


9. You can totally customise it to suit your likes and aesthetic sensibilities.


10. Just make sure you update it regularly as you go along!


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