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Kerala Woman Completes 350 Online Courses In 3 Months, Makes A World Record! Taking Lockdown Learning To Whole New Level!

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Raise your hand if you too made plans to take up online courses and learn new skills during the pandemic-induced lockdown, but failed miserably at it! Join the club, guys. I mean, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I planned to learn, from new languages (Latin) to film appreciation! What did I manage to accomplish? Apart from baking sugary treats and gaining some extra flab? A big fat nada! And you know what? That’s really okay. Whatever it takes you to sail through these hard times, you do you. Without judgement. Having said that what Kerala girl Arathi Reghunath has accomplished is remarkable and must be marvelled at. She completed 300, again, 300 online courses in just three months! It’s a freaking world record!

A second-year MSc Biochemistry student of MES College, Arathi is a resident of Elamakkara in Kochi, Kerala. She spent her free time during the coronavirus-induced lockdown pursuing online courses. She signed up for a bunch of them on the e-learning platform Coursera. And what do you know, in three months, she managed to complete 300 of them!

Arathi told the New Indian Express, “It was my faculty at college who introduced me into the world of online courses. There are a range of courses online. All of them vary in duration and curriculum. With the support of my college principal Ajims P Muhammed, Coursera coordinator Haneefa K G, and class tutor Neelima T K, I managed to finish the courses I signed up for within a few weeks.”

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The online courses that she took up are from universities all over the world—John Hawkins University, University of Virginia, University of Colorado Boulder, University of New York, Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen! Talk about ‘Around the world in 90 Days!’ (Bad joke? Okay fine, I was supposed to take a course for comedy too.)

With this impressive feat, Arathi Reghunath has managed to create a world record at the Universal Record Forum! Naturally, her parents are proud of her! I mean, we all get to hear how Sharma ji ka beta accomplishes things, but in Kerala, we might soon be hearing about being productive like Reghunath ji ki beti! Arathi’s accomplishment is clearly impressive. Not just in terms of learning but time management too!

Okay, I’mma go back to rewatching Supernatural for the third time. What? It’s 15 seasons, okay. I’m learning perseverance and how to kill monsters! Kind of like an online course na?

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